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Buserelin Expiry?


Sorry I keep popping on here with random things, but everyone is so helpful, and out of us all there will always be someone who has experienced and can help, so I hope you don't mind :)

So, yesterday I had my second scan for FET to check the endometrium is reducing...it's getting there slowly, and the clinic have started me on my Oestrogen tablets anyway which I'm pleased about. However, because its all going a bit slower than anticipated it means my next scan will now not be until after the Easter holidays...which means that my Buserelin will be out of the 15 days expiry period. The nurse said that it's ok to use after the expiry date, has anyone else heard of this? I feel a little unsure about it? Hope everyone is ok and having a relaxing weekend wherever you are on your journey xx

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I have the same question about my bemfola which is refrigerated if anyone knows! Will be about 15 to 20 days out of date but I’m thinking of just using it anyway!x

chrissie_81 in reply to Orla9298

Hi Orla, I personally definitely wouldn't use it if it's 15-20 days out of date. Mine would be only 3 days past the use-by date and I am unsure about that even. But like Lizzie says below, maybe ask a pharmacist, I hadn't thought of that so I will do next week. All the very best to you xx

I generally found I almost finished my buserelin by the end of 15 days anyway. Maybe ask a pharmacist, but I’d be wary of using an out of date drug. I’m a cautious soul though!

Ah, thanks Lizzie, that's a great idea, I will ask a pharmacist next week, I hadn't thought of that, thank you. And yes I am rather cautious too! Hope all is going well with you xx

Hi Chrissie

I’m not in the middle of a cycle at the moment but during our ICSI, I do remember the nurses specifically saying to me to ignore the ‘use by’ date on my buserelin nasal spray (I think it was use within 1 or 2 weeks of opening) as this refers to its original use for men and for fertility treatment it would have always needed longer.

If you’re still not sure I’d ask your clinic to explain it, a pharmacist may follow the specific advice on the bottle but the clinic seem to have their own reasons!

Good luck x

My nurse also told me to ignore the throw away after 15 days. I followed her instructions and everything was fine. My down reg was always successful. I'm Now 20 weeks along. I Had a few set backs during my treatment if I did throw at every 15 days it would have been even more costly for me.

I’ve been a nurse for fifteen years and would never advise a patient to use something after the expiry date. I would go with the manufacturers guidelines. I’ve always used my buserilin within the 15 days of opening so it’s never had chance to expire but I would get a new one to be on the safe side xx

Thanks so much everyone, I think I will air on the side of caution, but I find it a strange suggestion from a nurse really, anyway, I'm overthinking everything and can't really see the wood for the trees at the minute, so every little thing is playing over in my head. Thanks so much for the responses ladies, its so lovely having people to talk to about this isn't it (I'm doing this by myself and haven't told many friends either, feeling a bit alone and hormonal, so you're all a lifeline) xx

I overthink absolutely everything to do with ivf so now I think to myself if it’s something that will later make me wonder if I should have done it or could be something that I would blame myself for if the ivf doesn’t work then don’t do it, if that makes sense! Lots of love xxx

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