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Period after failed cycle??


Hey all,

We had our failed ICSI cycle last month, I bled then and had normal 4 day period. I am now waiting for my next cycle so we can get the ball rolling again. I am on day 36 now with no sign of AF. I average on 30 day cycle so being nearly a week late I'm feeling excited a miracle may have happened but also not getting hopes up. What is other experience with cycle lengths returning to normal after a failed cycle?? We are on holiday so can't test until we are home on Tuesday hence me asking for feedback. Thanks xxx

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Hi Oharal,

I’m in the same boat as you, currently day 35 after failed IVF when my norm is 27 days! It’s TORTURE!!

I tested 3 days ago, BFN..

I spoke to my clinic as I have my dates for my FET which has now been postponed because of my delayed period and the only words of reassurance they could give was that it happens and to call when it does come! Not really much reassurance in my eyes but hey ho!

So no real words of wisdom here but just wanted to say I’m here with ya!! Let’s hope for miracles together tho! 🤞🏻

Good luck! 🍀 Xxx

oharal in reply to Jenjen84

Ahh it really is torture. Sorry to hear your date has been postponed, mother mature really does test us. Good luck xxx

I have been a bit late on second cycle after a failed ivf and also the second cycle after egg collection on this round (which was a freeze all).

I'll hold out a little longer then, thanks xxx

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