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Feeling low

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Hi guys, just a quick question. When you all found out you couldnt concieve naturally once it sunk it did u feel quiet low? Also people whos partners already have children but cant have anymore and are the reason you have to go through IVF did you feel slight resentment? I feel im cracking up! I know its not his fault but im so moody towards him all the time. We have our first appointment on the 19th April xx

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It’s so understandable to feel low and unfortunately those feelings don’t go away well they haven’t for me any way but that may be because it’s me that has the fertility problems not my husband. I would say talk to your OH about your feelings, it’s natural to take things out on the people closest to you but you do also become the strongest team on this journey xx

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Thankyou. Hope everything works out ok for you too xx

I’d say it’s probably all just a bit crazy now because you don’t have a plan or know what is what. That appointment will help. Lots of luck!

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Thankyou!! You too xx

I think it’s natural for you to feel such a range of emotions when you have just been faced with life altering news. Hoping your appointment on 19th April will help you find a positive way forward xx

Hi Steffie yes it is quite normal to feel low, and unsure of what's is next. I have a child from a previous relationship so we can't get nhs ivf, we have had to fund privately which has not been easy. I'm also the reason we need IVF. I feel so bad about it and it's frustrating we can't get help as it must be frustrating for you. I think your feelings of resentment are normal try talking with your partner he may feel just as bad about it as you. Good luck with your appointment. Xx

Feeling low and getting depression is very normal after receiving such kind of news. It is also true that when your partner has children before, it becomes even more painful and depressing. Now obviously if we think practically it is not our fault that we can't have babies naturally. However, a possibility could be that our other partner might have lost is sperm count recently. In any case, I believe one should not blame herself. Treatments like IVF and surrogacy were invented for the very same purpose. It is a great way to help you rejoice motherhood.Even when you are facing infertility or any other issue. Another thing, please do not keep all this in your mind. Share this with others. talk on different forums. You will feel hopeful after hearing success stories. I am an example in front of you as well. I had my boy, David via surrogacy.I and my husband are living a completely normal life and our son is the apple of our eyes. Best of luck for your appointment, you will get successful.

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