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Feeling low about not getting pregnant

Hello all, this is the first time I am speak about this on something like this, I recently had a bad time me and my husband has been trying for a baby for 4 years, i was rush into hospital in January to be told theres no chance I will get pregnant, they send me in for an op and I've had a trube removed alot less than we was all expecting.

I am now recovered from my op and me and my husband are tyring again as they said I have a hight chance now but its been months and still nothing. I feel bad for him and I feel sad alot as I still feel like im unable to have any more children.

I am thankful I have 1 beautiful daughter who is my world, but I feel like me and my husband are difting as she isn't his and he wants a child of his own even though he won't change anything now.

any support or advice would be great.

Sorry for the Rant

Thank you

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Zita I'm sorry to hear you're feeling this way. I'm not sure your age/finances but is IVF an option? What fertility tests have your hospital done?


I am still pretty young and yeah there could be a chance of that, atm I'm 7 days late and when I've tested it's negative :/ not sure what's going on x


Hi Zita979. So sorry to hear that you have been poorly, but pleased that you are now over your operation. It might be an idea to see your GP and ask him/her if you could get referred to a fertility specialist to see whether there is any treatment you can have. Unfortunately, if you should need to have IVF you would have to pay for it as you have a child already. Do get checked up and let's hope there is something that can easily be done. Good luck! Diane


Thank you ill book myself I'm soon


Hi Zita979. Hope all goes well. Diane


Hi Zita, I too have had both tubes removed so my only option is ivf, however my friend has only one tube and was pregnant within a year of one of her being removed, so it can happen. Are you using ovulation sticks? And something else to consider is visiting an accupuncturist who specialises in fertility, as this can help massively with fertility issues. Also you need to get your husband to go to the docs and get tested, maybe if there are issues it could be with his sperm and not you, this is also common. Good luck for the future x


He has been tested and thats great for your friend, amd I hope ivf works for you, I'm going to book an appointment at the docs to give me options thank you

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