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Hepatitis B IVF help

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Hello there guys I have just recieved a letter that states my anti HBc has been found to contain Hepatitis B, I am abit buzzled by this as when I saw my Gynaecologist back in Feb 2018 he said all my tests were fine and can refer me for IVF.

Should I make a appointment with my GP to get a vaccination done for the hepatitis B? Also my prefered fertility clinic is Bourn Hall in Cambridge I hope I can be recommended there.

I feel like really down about this now :-( any reply and some info would be much appreciated.

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Your original gynae almost certainly didn’t do that test. Make an appointment with your GP ASAP to discuss this result as you may need some medical treatment before you can start ivf if you’ve been in contact with hepatitis.

Hepatitis B blood result interpretation is complicated and it needs to be done in context with other hepatitis B results; surface antigen and surface antibodies. Have a chat with your GP but don’t panic- you may have been immunised rather than having the actual infection (eg if you have had a travel vaccination).


Hi RAS2715. Check with your GP who will have records as to whether you have already been vaccinated in the past. Hope all works out OK for you. Diane

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