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Private IvF - help...;-/

Dear all,

My wife and I have just come to the end of 3 unsuccessful cycles of IVF with the Hommerton Fertility in London and have just been recommended something called "Egg Banking", by our consultant (my wife has a low AMH) .He has recommended us use his private practice but when I check on the HFEA website it doesn't come up. The cost is going to be about £13K for two rounds of stimulation and then the thawing and fertilisation, also there will be some PGD screening - we have no idea if this is good value? After 4 years at the Hommerton (which were really great) we are now in the world of private IVF clinics and I have no idea what to do and how to go about making the best decisions for us. Trying to get clear information from private clinics is very difficult and we are quite scared that we are about to spend basically our life savings at the word of a consultant. If there is anyone out there that has any words of advice we would be very very grateful. Thanks, James

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Hi James I will send you a message as I think this forum has strict rules about discussing clinics by name. But I've been to homerton and now private so wanted to respond

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Thank you Missmmc. Sorry I didn't know that, we have just come back from our final appointment at Hommerton. Thanks so much ;-)


Hi James1178. I have just read your post. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss or recommend clinics, as it is seen as advertising. I would always recommend though, that you choose one that is licensed by the government. You can access all information about these clinics on the following website hfea.gov.uk if you haven’t already had a look. I do have a list of questions I could email you in confidence, if you would like me do so, as there may be 1 or 2 that you hadn’t thought of asking. Good luck with it all. Diane dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com


Has she tried dhea supplement? It's to improve egg quality and maturity with people with low amh I used them.

I'd also look into testing for nk cells your clinic should of offered you the test after unsuccessful tries x

Good luck


thanks yes we are on the dhea and my wife's hair is falling out ;-/ that's one of the side effects I believe, but I don't know about about nk cells - I'll check that out thanks xx

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Hi James - sorry you're both having to go through this. We've opted for a private clinic abroad as for us this gave the best service/value for money.

For me they have recommended lots of Avocado, Salmon, generally healthy diet and no caffeine. I also take Ubiquinol which is meant to repair cells, an Omega 3 supplementand and I have a high protein diet (lots of eggs & chicken in my case). For me DHEA wasnt recommended (its not right for everyone) but I know its meant to be good.

I did have a private treatment in the UK which i didnt find to be any better than the NHS treatments available.

If I were you i'd email a few clinics advising what your condition is and ask them what sort of treatment they would recommend. I found those that reply with information are generally better than those that just want to book you in for a 'sales pitch'.

Only thing I would say is if you are open to the idea look at clinics abroad. It might not be for you but if it is it can save you a small fortune. For example my private UK clinic offered embryoscope for £750 but the clinic abroad it was only 250 euro... money shouldnt be the decider but its good to have all the facts.

good luck, Andrea


Hi James

We have also just had 3 failed private cycles with private clinics.

Sometimes you have to look at what's best for you both. I am with Poochi we are going to Greece to have Donor eggs as we both are tired brake and frustrated at not getting anywhere.

Despite me having good results there is still baby so off we go.

It's depends on what desire and the cost abroad is a fraction of the cost here just broke the news to my consultant and he has supported my move to DE abroad.

Good luck or PM me if you want any help been doing lots of research xx


That's close to what we've spent and couldn't recommend our place more. They have been brilliant, a completely different experience


Hi there, as poochi I opt for private clinics abroad. You can check the international boards at fertilityfriends co uk and babycentre co uk where you will find comments and reviews also from current users .

Also you can go to youtube, as many international clinics have own channels/films (eg youtube com/watch?v=h3Bcljfzru4

youtube com/watch?v=r9uUHCjyhdE

youtube com/user/ivfspainoficial)

I can also recommend to look at


Fertility clinics abroad offer cheaper prices and high success rates, as pooch writes it saves you some money.


Av u ever taught of doing it abroad.


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