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I am 19 weeks pregnant after recurrent early losses. I really want antibiotics during labour due to this and the horrors i heard from not taking it. I am positive for Group B Strep. I need a birth plan in place, because if there is not one I am afraid I will miss the antibiotics opportunity. My succesful first labout was only 4 hours. But this they say second labour is much faster, I fear I wont make it into hospital on time and my baby may contract the group b strep. I need some advice on how I can persuade the obstetrician to give me a planned induced birth plan where i have time to have the antibiotics before the due date. Please tell me if you see this on the NICE Guidelines! Then they will surely have to listen my plans and carry them out.

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are you being swabbed for group B strep? I'm under the impression you can pay to have this done closer to your delivery date... Then if positive you will be given antibiotics before/during and after labour. Unless you've tested positive for group B strep previously, then they'll do it anyway but I doubt they'll give you antibiotics just in case...

I had a swab and I am positive. Even though I am positive , obstetrician was still saying we do not routinely offer the antibiotics. Maybe my first born just got lucky, does not mean I will get lucky this time. Want to know if it says on guideline if they have to offer the antibiotics in labour if tested positive, then I can show them the guidelines which they will have to follow.

so I get antibiotics after labour as well as baby?

I'm not sure exactly when you/baby get antibiotics but you should get them! What's the point in swabbing you if they're not going to do anything?? Doesn't make sense. I'm sure there will be guidelines somewhere on the www! If I see anything I'll tell you. Have you spoke to your midwife about it? X

Orange pie I was started in iv antiobiotic on day of induction at 38 weeks as they had lost my group b strep sample. They started It when they did the pessaries. Had them for 48 hours as mine ended up in c section, then they found my result which was negative 🙄 You shouldn't have to convince the consultant- you've already tested positive. I would assume they would just give you it?? 🤔At start of induction .

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