Heavy bleeding 5 weeks pregnant (18dp5dt)

Last night I started bleeding bright red blood very heavily with a few small clots. We went in to hospital today and they checked hcg levels which were over 3000 (out first beta at 9dp5dt was 239) so they’d like to see us for a scan tomorrow morning. Has anyone had this before and been okay? Is there anything I could or should be doing?

Thank you!

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  • I am 6 weeks and I bled so much on Wednesday night. I really thought it was over. Like you, I had clots. It stopped around 8am Thursday morning and the clinic managed to get us in for an earlier scan. To our amazement, everything was OK and we even saw the heartbeat. Was told it could be hematoma which I'd never even heard of before. Just got to rest now and keep everything crossed that it continues to grow for our 2nd scan on Wednesday.

    Very hard I know after such a scare but try and keep positive and act like you're still pregnant until told otherwise.

    Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed xx

  • No advice but good luck xx

  • Only can pray

  • I had bleeding on Christmas night. No clots at first, but did get one on Boxing Day morning. Went for a scan that day to hear two little hearts beating. They said clexane is a blood thinner so told me to stop taking it.

    Good luck xx

  • I had some bleeding st 6 weeks and again at 7 weeks and scans showed all ok. I hope the scan puts your mind at rest and that all is ok xxx

  • I had very heavy bleeding with clots at 8 weeks - it was so scary. I went for a scan the next day and everything was fine but they found a subchrionic hepatoma. They're actually really common and normally don't pose risk to your baby. I'm now 13+4 and only just stopped spotting brown last week. Fingers crossed that's it now.

    Hope you get some answers tomorrow but don't panic just yet - bleeding is common in early pregnancy and doesn't immediately point to the worse case scenario! Good luck x

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