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Egg collection tomorrow


Having my egg collection tomo at 9am, I'm a bit nervos. Most people say they didn't feel anything but some have found it painful.

What is realistic for me to expect?

Do I need to take nightie and dressing gown?

Exciting as nearly at the end of the process now (except for horrible 2ww)


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Hey Hun exciting times! Personally I didn't feel a thing! You may have some pain afterwards but nothing like us women aren't used too! You can take paracetamol afterwards if you feel some discomfort.

No don't need a nightie or dressing gown as you are provided with the very sexy hospital gowns lol and within an hour or 2 you will be on your way again.

Best of luck Hun. Xx


Hi Victoria09. Wow! All is really moving now! I would go with what “Mooster1” has said. I think you will find that they will offer you a bit of sedation, so I would accept it, if offered – just in case. Remember too, to drink plenty of water for a few days afterwards, rest if you feel tired, and take the paracetamol if needed. I do wish you well, and hope for a decent egg retrieval. Diane

Hi Victoria

I don't remember a thing about egg collection which I was delighted about as I was also worried about pain. Was a little afterwards and too some paracetamol though tbh I didn't have a huge about of follicles. I only took a big pair of cosy socks and a panty liner incase there was bleeding afterwards (which there wasn't) but beats using one of the huge nappies they tend to give you in hospital lol

Good luck! Xx

Hey, good luck for tomorrow!

I had mine last Tuesday and didn't feel anything as it was under general anaesthetic but all clinics are different. I was a little sore afterwards and for a couple of days but just like period pains, nothing major. Some people don't get sore at all. I was tired the next day because of the GA but you may not have one. Your clinic should have told you if it's under GA or not and given you a leaflet saying what to do, what to bring etc.

I has to bring a dressing gown and slippers and have a decent bath or shower before I went but Inthink that was it. I wasn't allowed to drive for 48 hours afterwards but again, that was because of the anaesthetic and yours might be different.

Good luck and I'll keep everything crossed for you x

I have my egg collection on Wednesday! I am bringing comfy socks and a pad... Not sure what else either! Good luck!! :-)

Hi i had my egg collection Saturday dont remember a thing in the procedure from them giving me sedation though my hand drip they put in ! Woke up to them telling me we got 5 eggs i was abit out of it but over the moon then wheeled back to my ward, i took nighty pjs nightgown and slippers i was put in a hospital nighty and told to put my own nightgown and slippers on. I was in abit of discomfort afterwards and a bit of bleeding as expected (take a couple of sanitary towels) took painkillers through the day after collection i feel fine now and am awaiting a call in the morning to let me know how there doing and possible egg transfer tomorrow weds or thurs 😊 good luck you will be fine ! xxx

Hi I too don't remember a thing and felt no pain at all. Was sedated but would struggle to tell difference between sedation and ga as I just went to sleep then when I woke up it was done! Took paracetamol as advised but was fine. Good luck xxx

Hi, good luck for this morn I had EC yesterday and we got 10. Just waiting for the call to see how many have fertilised..I was quite sore afterwards so make sure you take it easy and sleep this afternoon. Good luck hun!


Good luck! Will be thinking of you xxxx

good luck. I wasn't aware of anything I was pretty much knocked out. I felt pain afterwards and very bloated - couldn't fasten my jeans but after a day it was ok. I took a dressing gown to walk to the theatre but nothing other than that. Don't think I bled afterwards

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