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Early Pregnancy test and 2WW

Hello all

It's my Day 5 today after ET on last Wednesday. I was just wondering if anyone did any early pregnancy test and it came as positive. I'm getting excited as well as nervous to do the test after 10days given by clinic .As don't know what it would be. So far all looks good. I haven't got any bleed so am positive. But still till I don't see anything I don't trust on me if you know what I mean.looking forward to your experiences. Thanks for reading xx

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I ended up testing 4 days early not out of choice but because I was admitted with an infection and they wanted to check if I was pregnant before giving me treatment, had I not been admitted I would have waited till my test date - I got a BFP and I’m 27 weeks pregnant now x


Hi MK05. Please try and be patient. Keep busy so you hopefully don't get tempted to test early. Good luck when you do. Diane


Earliest I would test is 9 days! Hang on in there! Xx


Oh wow congrats to shanks.

Thanks to all.

Yes trying to keep myself busy. Test day is this Sunday so hopefully not far away. Best of luck to you all. Stay positive xx


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