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21-day long protocol, Buserelin & fluid discovery

Hello everyone, I'm after some advice about fluid in the uterus and how it impacts IVF please!

After a chemical pregnancy from our fresh transfer in Nov last year, we went straight into a frozen cycle in Jan and my consultant prescribed the long 21-day long protocol because the drug (Buserelin) **can** help to shrink fibroids (I have one or two 2cm ones in the front wall, plus loads of small quinoa-sized ones in the lining). My consultant said I might 'feel a little low' from the Buserelin, so I wasn't remotely prepared for the side effects that came - those three weeks were some of my lowest ever. I felt like I was going crazy and sobbed every day for hours because it brought on severe depression and anxiety. Oh and bad skin, sleepless nights, zero libido.. Let's just say I would not recommend menopause at warp speed to anyone.

We went for the 3-week scan expecting to confirm the transfer date but instead they found fluid in the uterus and because my lining was also not thickening properly, we had to abandon the cycle. Gutted - three weeks of pure hell, all for nothing.

My consultant is recommending another hysteroscopy (this will be my second, plus a myomectomy to remove other fibroids) under general to have a proper look and take a biopsy. He thinks I've developed delayed scar tissue from the last surgery which captures fluid in pockets, and only becomes apparent when they stretch the lining to prepare for transfer. But I'm none the wiser about what the possible outcomes would be, and I'm pretty sure the fluid has passed naturally already, so wonder if it's strictly necessary.

Has anyone else gone through something similar? My husband wants us to get a second opinion but I'm not sure I can cope with any more poking and prodding, and hypothetical diagnoses from doctors who all seem to just be guessing what's wrong.. Any advice appreciated! Thanks so much xx

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You poor thing. Sometimes it just feels like our bodies are science experiments.

I don't have any direct experience of this (2x m/cs over 2+ years, no IVF, no investigations, etc) so I can only advise what I think I would do, but it sounds like your husband is right in thinking you should go for a second opinion. Only you really know what you can withstand so you'll have to decide for yourself, but it sounds like your situation isn't particularly straightforward, so getting someone else's opinion might be the best option.

I'm sure some of the other ladies on this forum will have more insight to the procedures so might be able to give you more informed advice.

I'm so sorry you're going through all this. It's gruelling and exhausting, and not how any of us pictured starting a family xxx


Ha, oh yes - with IVF in particular, you're left feeling like a lab rat they are experimenting on. Despite all the research and seeing 'experts', women's health is still relatively unexplored (nor has the tech caught up in my view) so there is a lot of guesswork even by these so-called experts, but unless your a health professional or gynae expert yourself, you're totally at their mercy! Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it and I think I do need to cast my stubbornness aside and go and get a second opinion x


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