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Bleeding 1 day after FET

Hi All,

On Wednesday (14/02/2018) I had a FET after a failed fresh transfer back in the summer. With my first transfer I bleed 12 days into 2WW and my consultant decided that I should inject the progesterone Lubion instead of using the pessaries. He has before commented that my hormones are low and wanted to know if I grew facial hair as hormones were so low (I don't). Only 24 hours after FET I have started to bleed even though I am injecting Lubion so I called my clinic and they have upped my dose from one 25mg injection a day to two. I am afraid that it is already too late, even though the bleeding is not a flow but just shown on tissue when I wipe (sorry for TMI), it is getting heavier and I have period like pains. The clinic did not say I needed to have a hormone test before FET but I am wondering if this should have been done.

Anybody else on here have low hormones? Has this affected your implantation? Has anybody ever had thyroid treatment for infertility issues?

Thanks in advance for all the support and posts.

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Hi hun. I don't have low hormones. So sorry to read this...must be so frustrating. I have had 5 rounds of ivf and have bled before test day on 3 of them :-( I was transfered to lubion after my first cycle too as they thought it may have been that the pessaries didn't suit me. I have read some posts on here where people are scanned and bloods are taken just before transfer whereas my clinic only check the lining about 5 days prior then go ahead on the day without any checks. It may be worth changing clinics if you have that option and also maybe complaining about the lack of attention to see if they might do a transfer for free (long shot).

Lots of love and good luck xx


Thanks for the reply. We are with the NHS so we don’t get a choice of clinic, but I am definitely going to speak to my consultant about it at our next meeting as he is really responsive to my concerns! Hopefully not all is lost this time, but still another week to wait!


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