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10dp5det Negative blood result 😭😭

Had our blood test this morning.

Got the call back a few hours later only to be told the bad news.

Feel like my heart has been ripped out and thrown into pieces. I really thought this will be our chance to be a family after 5years of trying! 😭

My husband is trying to stay positive. We have 1 frozen embryo.

Will wait till next month's period.

I have unexplained infertility. What went wrong?

I did all the things I could have done!

My symptoms were mild cramping since egg collection. My breasts were tender and swollen.

No bleeding no spotting. Nurse told me you don't always have a bleed for implantation.

I didn't do much of the house work. I even took a whole month off work as my job is physical.

Praying for everyone to get their positive xx

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I’m so very sorry you didn’t have good news today, I’m gutted for you. I was really hopeful you’d get your BFP.

Please try not to be hard on yourself. There’s really nothing else you could have done, you definitely did everything you could to give it the best chance possible.

I know your heart is breaking, it hurts so much. Allow yourself time to grieve and be kind to yourself. Sending you lots of love and I’ll be thinking of you. Take care xxx


I’m so sorry Raz😔 I really feel you I know exactly how you feel it’s so cruel. I though I did every thing right and still in shock why it didn’t work. But it happened. The chance of ivf work depend on your age is less than 40%. The good thing is you have one embryo so fingers crossed next time is your turn xxx


I agree with Anna IVF is only 40% and it doesn’t always work first time some couples go more than 5 rounds before it works so don’t be hard on yourself plus u have 1 FE left so don’t give up. Thinking of you x


Sorry Raz... It's simply awful and unfair... There is no reason. You did everything possible, your are doing everything you can. We can only keep fighting, and you can do It. Just give you time to recover and feel better. And remember it's nothing that you did or didn't do, you are indeed a heroin for everything you have done.

Lots of love xxx


Ahhh Im really sorry you got a BFN. It never gets any easier getting them. Im sure you did nothing wrong. The odds are unfortunately stacked against us and IVF is just one big massive lottery....there's defo a lot of luck involved! Sending hugs, try to plan a nice treat for you and hubby to do something nice together and have some time out to plan for your frozen embie.xx


So sorry xx


Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. X


Bfns are really hard 😞 Sorry to read this xx


I'm so sorry to hear about your bad news. Be kind to yourself, and give yourself time to process it. Sending you a big hug, this journey is so hard at times xxx


Just seen this, Im so sorry u didnt get ur BFP! Im sure u are devastated!! Thinking of u! That one little frozen blast could be the lucky one ❤ take care of yourself xx


I’m so sorry Raz. It is such a cruel world sometimes. There is nothing you could have done to make it work- I truly believe that. iVF is a lottery either it works or it doesn’t. I am sure everything you did has given it the best chance.

Please be kind to yourself today, cry if you need to, try and do something nice to pick yourself up and just spend time grieving.

You are a strong warrior who will get everything you desire soon. You got this.

Sending so much love and a millions hugs,



Really sorry to hear that. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. I cant imagine how that feels. Im in my 2ww.

Hopefully the process made you a stronger person and closer to Allah. I pray he makes you content with his decision. Inshallah when the times right it will work for you.

My prayers are with you.


I’m so sorry, BFN’s are hard they are mentally and physically draining. I think we tend to focus on what went wrong and what we could’ve done. But sometimes it just chance and remember you did everything you could have. Focus on yourself, you still have a frostie and it only takes one. Take care xx


So sorry to read this, when there’s no explanation it just makes it so very hard, and so very sad. It really is nothing you did or didn’t do, I always think this process is like witchcraft! Please know that although you feel crap right now, you’re not alone, lots of us have been there so just reach out if you need a chat. Be kind to yourself xx


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