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Preparing for first IVF cycle

Hi All,

After what seems like a very long and hard road we have finally been approved for our NHS funded first IVF cycle. I have been feeling so down in recent months unsure if we would get this chance and now finally feel like I have some hope of being a mummy.

Anyway I am booked in to start on the pill in April and was wondering if anyone had any good advice around preparing before hand. I am trying to have a healthy diet and cut down on caffeine but am unsure what else I can do to improve my chances.

Thanks in advance

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That’s really good news for you that things can finally get underway with your treatment.

As far as getting ready for IVF goes, definitely try to eat clean and cut down on caffeine. I also cut out alcohol altogether and tried to drink way more water. There’s a Zita West book about IVF diet and I’m sure there are others available too. Are you and your partner taking a conception-multivitamin?

It’s also important to look after your emotional well being too. Things like acupuncture or walking in the outdoors might be helpful for body and mind. Fertility Counselling might also be something you’d like to consider to help support you throughout your ivf journey.

Make sure to keep us all posted. Wishing you lots and lots of luck xx


I am on a preconception multivitamin, we are using a donor so my dh doesn’t need to worry.

How long before treatment did you start being really strict with your diet?

I have been looking into acupuncture in my area as well, willing to try anything to help.

Thanks for the advice.


Def give the acupuncture a try. I really liked it.

As for diet, I have sort of embraced cleaner eating and drinking as a constant in my life. It became a bit of a lifestyle change that stuck. I really clean up my act a couple of months before treatment starts. I do still have treats when I feel like it. I’m a great believer in a bit of what you fancy and everything in moderation ☺️ xx


I eat pretty healthy anyway but do like the odd takeaway and bar of chocolate. I am not really a drinker so that won’t be an issue.

I start the pill in April so hopefully start the meds in May.


It’ll be no bother to you at all then 😊


So glad your finally able to get going, I think the waiting to get that first appt is torture. I agree with Dunla about preparing for it, it’s natural to feel down but this forum will offer you great support. I’d say allow yourself to go through the emotions and if you can have small things to look forward to along the way as IVF can quickly take over your life xx


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