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Hi everyone,

So four weeks ago today I had my surgery to treat my ectopic pregnancy. Starting to feel better physically but the emotions are still very overwhelming.

My husband and I have been under the care of a clinic we were referred to (basically, the closest one!). But what I want to ask is, if you've had IVF, did you look around at different clinics to see reviews/ successes ect? Do we have any control over where we get treated? We will be NHS funded so I suppose not?

Also, feeling a little nervous about the whole IVF process. Initially I didn't want to have it, but with my dominant tube being removed and my right tube being inadequate also, the surgeon said getting naturally pregnant now is highly unlikely. We were unaware there was any problems despite having a Hycosy procedure to check fallopian tubes- it's all a bit raw and frustrating for me still, as medical answers have been pretty much consisted of 'We don't know why'.

Any advice, or anything to help with my anxiousness over it all? Thanks xxxx

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Hey there! I hope you're doing fine. Most people I know about do research before opting for a clinic. Even like right now I am in the procedure of finding a good clinic for IVF! Someone who has a high success rate. A lot of people have been recommending Ukraine so I've short lifted it. After having multiple surgeries it is better that you give your body rest. Sometimes there is no reason for not being able to conceive naturally. The IVF process is very simple. There is nothing to worry about. Even I was very nervous but now after having all the information I am confident. Best of luck. Hope everything goes alright.


Thanks for your reply. I've been looking for the best clinics around the UK, they say to rate them by the success don't they? Thanks, I just don't feel like I know enough about it, and the doctor said that there is still chance of an ectopic pregnancy with IVF as when they put the fertilised egg back in they could do it 'too high up' or 'with too much force'? I thought that was odd but I can see why. I'm most worried about egg collection as I am quite sensitive and seem to always feel pain with things like that. Plus, do you know what the time frame is for it all? Sorry for all the questions xx


Honestly, I totally understand. There can be a lot of confusion. If your doctor says the ectopic pregnancy is possible then I think that is good news. The egg collection isn't that painful! Just lower abdominal pain and cramping that is it. The pain is there for about 7 days. The IVF cycle takes about 3 to 6 months to work and for the embryo to grow.


Hey there. How are you? According to me it is always necessary for one to get complete information about the clinic you are going to trust on. One should gather all necessary information. Moreover I would like to tell you that IVF is a friendly process. It is a process in which eggs and sperms are kept outside of your body for fertilization. After that they are transferred back into your uterus. You can also use donors egg for IVF. You don't worry about it. I have also heard about some clinic in Ukraine. It is a good clinic. Try to stay positive about all this. Its hard to stay clam. But you have to. It will help you maintain yourself and your partner. It will keep you strong. Stay blessed. Good luck. :)


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