Hi, I have just been referred for IVF treatment after 5 years of ttc. I must say similar to majority of others on here, its been a pretty tough few years as watching all my friends become patents whilst we have been having test after test. Anyway finally the letter went out to the clinic last week,i wondered if anyone knew how long it may take to get the first appoinment and whether we will have to have all the tests done again? I know waiting lists by clinic may vary but just wanted a rough idea of timelines start to end of process.


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  • I had my first consultation (NHS) on the 28th Sept this year and I started on the 1st Nov because of AF and now have a BFP. They had to re-do our Virology bloods coz they go out of date within 3 months at ours but that's all xx

  • And forgot to say we were referred at the end of August. If you look on the HFEA website it might give you an idea of wait times x

  • Between referral to actually starting I'd say at least a year. It depends where you live. We were about 18 months but were told our wait was longer due to needing icsi. We re in scotland xx

  • Meant to say that's nhs. If you're private you're probably talking a few months only x

  • Thanks all, that helps.I expect as christmas is so close we wont get our first appointment till next year. Congrats on the BFP was that your first cycle?

  • Yes it was 😊

  • Amazing i hope it works out that way for me!

  • I am not in the same position, just want to wish you the positive cycling x.

  • Thanks thats very kind best of luck to you too!

  • Hi, I think it varies quite a bit. If I remember it correctly we were referred in November and started in January/February the following year. They didn't need a lot of repeat tests, I found the NHS doesn't like doing double tests and if they saw we had a blood test done before and it wasn't too long ago, they wouldn't do it again. Good luck and I hope it won't be too long!! Xx

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