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Im new on here, I have been told I need to have IVF i have had all my tests just waiting for my partners to come back and we are then being referred to CARE Northampton. Just wanted some information from people who have already been through the process,

Thanks :)

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We used care in Manchester. Excellent service


Oh wonderful, How long from when you was referred there was it before it all got started? and do you have children now? or still going through the process?


At the time there was no wait at care but all clinics are different. We went private. Yes my little boy has just turned 2


Hi Rubidge. Just wanted to wish you well when you start your IVF cycle. I'm sure the girls on here will give you lots of support. Diane


Thanks girls! I have a few questions i wonder if you would be able to advise on your experience. I am having IVF through the NHS so they said i would be able to have 3 rounds, if i fall pregnant on the first try would i still be entitled to the other 2 rounds? And how did you cope once they have put the fertilized egg back in the womb then the 2 week wait before the pregnancy test ... I just feel like that would be the hardest part because youve seen them put your baby inside you to then maybe have the unfortunate news it wasnt successful :(


Hi Rubidge

Wishing you lots of luck as you begin your IVF journey.

To answer your question..no if your first cycle of IVF is successful you are no longer entitled to any IVF on the NHS.

As to coping with the 2 week wait I think everyone is different, some people like to keep busy but not over do it others like to rest. I have had 3 cycles of IVF, 1 fresh and I miscarried at 9 and half weeks and 2 frozen which were unsuccessful and yes it definitely is soul shattering when you get that news. Some how with the support of your partner and family/friends and for me now finding this group you get through it. If you have any other questions or ever wana chat feel free to message me x


Ah thats a shame that if its successful first time you dont get another chance but i suppose its a gift to just be a parent at all.

Im sorry to hear your news, what is your next steps from now then?

Im just waiting for my partners seaman anaylsis to come back and from there we will be referred to Northampton to start the treatment.


I've still got 1 frozen embryo so I go to see my consultant in a few weeks to find out when I can start my next cycle.

Oh okay, I had to wait 4 months between being told from my consultant I could start IVF and then actually starting injections but as every clinics different when you go to Northampton I'm sure they'll give you the best idea of timings 🙂


Hey Rubidge,

Welcome to the forum.

If your first attempt is successful which i hope it is then that will be it and your NHS funding would be complete.

With regards to the 2ww I think we would all agree on here it is a tough time of ups and downs but the only thing i can say is whilst on the 2ww try and make plans and keep yourself occupied. Dont need to be on the go all the time as good to relax but try to have plans.

All but 1 of my cycles I worked and to be honest depending on the type of job you do I think its goid to stick to your usual routine.

Wishing you lots of love and luck in your journey xx


Oh really okay thank you.

At the moment im just so nervous about the whole process im only 22 and haven't really been given any information about what will happen only from my own research.

My other question was time frames for how long it would take, i know its different for every woman and hospital waits but roughly from once i have my first appointment with CARE to then when they transferred the egg back how long usually is that process?

Thank you again :)

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No probs Rubidge, as you say all regions and Countries are different but im pretty sure no matter where you are once you have a baby any subsidised treatment would stop.

I had tests done and then went on waiting list which took about 10 months. At that time went for consultation, bloods and to complete forms.

They then usually start with your next cycle.

Depending on whether you do long or short protocol depends on timescales but normally 4-6 weeks.

You clinic/hospital will be able to give you an indication of the current waiting times.



Oh wow 10 months is quite a long time!

Ive had a look on the website and it says there current waiting time is 3 weeks? so i would have a 3 week wait first then start all the IVF treatment do you think?

With the long or short protocols im not sure what i would be on, i suffered an ectopic pregnancy in Dec 2012 and had my right Fallopian tube removed, then waited 3 years later still no sign of being pregnant i then had the dye test which they had to re-do under sedation, where i then found out my left tube was completely blocked :(

what is the short or long protocol for?



Yeah i am in Scotland and there is only 3-4 hospitals that do NHS IVF here so it may be the waiting times are much longer here. If you only need to wait 3 weeks thats fantastic.

I have regular periods etc and no obvious issues so i started on short protocol which means they work with your natural cycle.

The long protocol starts with down regging so they control your period which lasts a few weeks longer.

I have now had 2 cycles on each and neither was any hassle.

Do you have another appointment fixed in or are you waiting to hear? Xx


Oh okay i see!

Yeah i also have regular periods every month for literally a whole 7 days :O

My partner has he seamen analysis on the 25th of this month and once we have the results from that we will be referred to CARE.

Do you know how long it takes for the results to come back from that test?



It should only be a few days, its normally very quick as they need to complete when fresh.

Dont worry about asking questions, the girls on here are great and one way or another I think we have covered most topics xx


I'mCare at tunbridge and they all seem lovely, care have a brilliant website and have loads of info on there, good luck with your journey xx


Thank you! ive been looking on the website and just generally trying to get as much information as i can from everywhere, i feel like its defiantly hard to get all the answer's to questions as every case is different! I just cant wait for my first appointment to get a bit more clarification on everything :)


I had my consultation appointment with care yesterday, (I'm NHS funded taken year and half to get to here)

This is how mine went - (I'm based in kent)

I was explain what was going to happen I've now got to wait from now anytime up to 4 weeks for the nurse to ring me to make an appointment to come in have set of bloods done for hepatitis and hiv, then go through the treatment and go through the injection procedure, also when the nurse rings she will tell me to start taking the contraceptive pill for either 19/28 days so that my period works with my treatment plan. I've also been out on metformin due to high testosterone levels and being up that should steady it throughout, I'm also having icsi

Hopefully all going well I start july, but I'll know more on my 2nd visit with the nurse,

When's your appointment?

I got mine through 2 weeks after it was all sent through,

On my care website it gives you a rough idea of wait list.

It is very hard as every clinic every area and every patient is different,

This cycle is different to my first unsuccessful cycle that I had done privately in 2011,

It gets a little more real once you've had the consultation xx


Ah wonderful thank you for the information!

I have already had my hiv hepatitis ect tests with my local doctors, literally just waiting for my partner to have his seamen analysis then the doctors said once we have received the results back they will refer us to CARE (on their website it says 3 week wait) so im guessing as we have already had all of them tests it would just be straight to the injections and things like that (well hopefully)!

Yeah it has taken such a long time it feels like its never going to get there!


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That's what I fault but for some

Reason I've got have them done at this clinic. It that could be because there over 3 months old as I had to have an operation to clip my tube due to hydrosalpinx, my partner had to do his semen analysis on the day of out consultation but they could be again due to be old result, then I've got to go on the pill.

So won't start till July.

When I was private I just had to call on day of period and then started Pretty much straight away,

Have you gyno sent your referral to the care team as I was told when my went if I hadn't heard with in 2 weeks ring them. Which I did and they had it but needed more info on my hubbies side that's why they hadn't called, so maybe you could call them if you no it's defiantly been referred,

Mine was also busy as my local one has just closed so they've taken more clients so times are longer too xx


Yeah i have just called the hospital to go over some details and they confirmed the test results only last for 3 months so i may have to re-do them and they also said i didn't have to wait for my partners results before being referred to them as they do it their anyway! Its annoying all the information my doctors have got wrong! just longs the process even more than in needs to be! she then just said they would go over the meds and teach me how to self inject then it would start from my next cycle! so im thinking it could be around July/August time as i go on holiday in the middle of June and have just come off from my last cycle so working it out as long as their is no other delays it should be around that time! :D My hospital have also confirmed there was a 2/3 week wait so its not that bad :)

Im just so excited i wish it was all happening now!! xx


Once they call and make an appointment with you, mine sent me an info pack with forms to sign and take back with me to my appointment, i also got given the pill there and then , and a prescription for metformin to keep my testosterone levels level which I'm taken now. I had to take with me all my info from previous treatments which they've kept to review, the results are instant at my care clinic well my hubbys semen was as we discuss it in our appointment, once you've gone to see the consultatant there explain the process, and what happens and then a rough date when your start, say I've got to see the nurse get the call with in 4 weeks to see them, we could be cycle buddies,

Yes it is exciting but also stressful, I'll follow you, let us know when you get your appointment xx


what did you have to take the pill for?

Yeah they did say that the results are instant but they will have to send them back to his doctors so roughly 7 days because of posting them, but im just going to keep calling and chasing them because so far mine and his doctors have given the wrong information i want to be under CARE now so i actually know the details!

Im trying not to get excited but im so impatient! its such a hard process isnt it and learning that we cant control everything :|

Ahhh yeah hopefully! we could be around the same time :D yeah i will keep you updated :) xx


I've had loads of trouble with wrong stuff from my doctors ,

They're putting me on the pill for 19/28 (when the nurse calls she will tell me to start taking them) it's so that they can work my period in with my treatment plan,

I was gutted when she said july but it seems so much thorough this time round and they say good things come to those that wait,

I've got my self an ivf dairy from Etsy to fill in and I've also just brought milestone cards too, I'm lot more excited this time than the first time, xx


I'm also very impatient too lol xx


July isnt that far away though now! pretty much half way through may so only a month and a half :D

Oh okay im going to have a look see what they have :) xx


These are the mile stone I've ordered the lady is lovely that makes them


And this is the book


The book is lovely and has everything in to keep records of,

Don't forget when on etsy I change filter to U.K. Only otherwise you get USA and Australia items which are lovely but the postage is more than the items itself,

Nope not far away at all, xx


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