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Thicken lining for FET

Any hints and tips on thickening lining for FET. Im now on 5x progynova a day (first frozen cycle i was on 4x), I know about pom juice for first 13 days, and vitamin B & E - anything else I can do??? I reallyyyyy dont want frozen cycle no2 to be cancelled because my lining just isnt meeting the mark (Highest its ever been 6.4mm and it needsto be 7mm for my clinic) thanks 😊

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Hi RobynL, I started on 4 a day then increased to 6 as mine wasn't thick enough-have they talked about stepping yours up after a while? I know protocols do vary.

It's hard to know what works, you could try acupuncture or certain yoga poses increase blood flow too and excercise (esp if your job involves lots of sitting down?) try upping the protein in your meals also...raspberry tea?! All worth a go!

Best of luck x


Hi, I know it’s a long shot but a friend of mine ate loads of grapes to thicken the lining. She read up on it somewhere and it worked for her and now she has 5 year old twin girls. Anything is worth a go I suppose 🤔👍🏻 xx


You're doing all that I can think of. I ended up on 8 x progynova and the only thing I changed just before mine took a leap was the vitamin E 800ug so cant think of anything else to suggest unfortunately. Fingers crossed for you!xx


Eating lots of protein and keeping your core temperature at an even keel by eating warm foods and avoiding eating or drinking anything very cold. Keeping your feet and lower back warm and acupuncture for blood flow. Wishing you lots of luck xx


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