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Stressed body is sending me such weird signals!

My body is so stressed out!!

I've got PCOS and currently taking Metformin (5 years) and it has never affected my AF weirdly (started to make them relatively regular - just longer cycles (34 day av,)) they have always been crazy heavy from start to finish and ive been having Tranexamic Acid for over 2 years for the blood flow and pain - although it hasnt really made a difference. This cycle im currently on CD34 and have been brown spotting for 3 days! this literally never happens - took a test yesterday & BFN. normally id be doubled over in pain by now and changing every 10-15 minutes, but still nothing! Is anyone else's body all over the place since TTC, although we have been for 2+ years and this has only happened this cycle...

advice for destressing your body please if anyone has any? I cant help but think that this is hampering my changes of conceiving if my body is this het up about everything!

Thanks in advance xoxox

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Hi crazycatlady95. You've certainly been on metformin for ages! If this has been prescribed for fertility help, then I wonder whether they might offer you some Clomid to compliment it at all? I don't know whether you are under a specialist, but if not, maybe time for a follow up? Obviously, I wish you well with whatever treatment you are on and of course for success. Thinking of you. Diane


Hi Diane!

Yes im with a specialist - i have had a full hormone count via bloods and am seeing him again on Monday! this will then lead to either Clomid & Follicle tracking - or straight to IVF if my hormone levels arent up to scratch!


Hi crazycatlady95. So pleased you’re to move on with some further treatment, obviously I wish you well with it and for success. Diane

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