New member, First cycle.... looking for any advice

Hi ladies

This is my first post....😬, over the past few months I've been reading so many post of people's journey, which has helped so much already.

I'm about to start my Long Protocol first IVF cycle, day 2 blood test being completed tomorrow, and first injections of Buserelin starting 20/7. I have so many mixed emotions (not sure if this is normal), with all the planning & talks & now the day if finally here for me to start this journey.

If anyone has any advice or currently about to start a cycle I would be so grateful to hear from you.....

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  • Hello welcome to the journey :) ... I'm just half way through my 1st frozen embryo transfer after a failed ICSI however we did get 2 embryos to freeze so not all bad :) !! It's certainly a rollercoaster ! The only advice I can give is celebrate the small successes they add up ! The ultimate goal is baby however each step is a goal, even between growing your follies, to collection of eggs to fertilisation ! Take each step at a time! Every persons story is unique so don't try to compare too much either :) I've seen women that have had 30 eggs and 10 frozen embryos and then women with 3 eggs and one embryo ! And they've still had success ! All the best to you !! Good luck and take care of yourself xxxxx

  • Thanks for your response, I'm finding it so hard to find people who can relate to feelings & emotions. I've decided to buy the "me myself & ivf" journal to try help me understand each stage a little better & found a book being released today by Izzy Judd- dare to dream which will hopefully help settle me a little better. I've been offered the 1 cycle so fingers crossed.... your advice really makes sense, each step is hopefully a goal. Wish you all the luck, have you had the transfer completed, if so do you mind me asking if you felt much discomfort after?

  • Ultimate advice - follow all the prescriptions of doctors.

    Serve advice - try to keep your mental health at peak. It affects pregnancy greatly.

    Think of each stage as a battle to be won that in the end will lead to the birth of a child.

  • Hey, everything your describing sounds totally normal. I'm getting ready to start my 4th cycle and still now I'm apprehensive about putting myself through it all again even though I know it's the only way to get my baby.

    I would say take each day as it comes, your emotions can change in minutes so don't be to hard on yourself - this is a great place to let off steam and get support. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Thank you so much, it does feel like a lonely journey, when do you start your cycle x

  • It sure does but your definitely not alone. Hopefully end of July seeing my nurse next week to confirm dates, it's my 2nd fresh so keeping hopeful 🤞x

  • Hopefully not too long then, I've got my first bloods tomorrow then, first injection starts 20/7/17. How did you find the injections?

  • I found them okay, I found it harder each day clock watching waiting for the time to come to do it again. occasionally they were a little stingy but you can put ice cubes on after which helps. I did them myself as my husband doesn't like needles 🙈lol how are you feeling about doing them?

  • I'm feeling ok about it but I do have a history of passing out😬, is there any part of the journey you found partially difficult with you previous fresh cycle? I'm going to book time off between collection & transfer as I've heard this can be particularly painful period.

  • Oh no, make sure your partner is around for your first few then just incase! Tbh my first fresh cycle I was really excited (I know that sounds crazy maybe) but we'd finally got the treatment we needed. I found the 2ww tough cause your constantly analysing every feeling. I would definitely say book a few days after EC as I found I was quite uncomfortable. My following 2 FET cycles I found the emotional side of it very difficult.

  • Hi gemz I'm in a similar position, 1st cycle, should start first meds 17th but haven't had my injection teach yet! Anxious to get started really, think cuz it's the first cycle I have no idea what to expect. I am anticipating an emotional rollercoaster and hoping at some point we can get a few days away! X

  • Hi, I know how you feel Day 2 blood test tomorrow, got a week away next week which I'm really grateful for, before I start injections on the 20th. Have you got your baseline scan booked? x

  • Welcome to the group and to the crazy journey of ivf wishing you loads of luck on your journey.

    I start 2 days before you 18th :) xx 🍀🍀

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, Im feeling slightly more at ease knowing there's others going through the same experience around the same date, are you on long protocol too? X

  • Yes I think so I find out Monday my exact plan of procedure and having bloods taken start injections 18th, scan 26/28 ec 31 and et 3/5 days after

    I've been quite down lately but I'm hoping Monday will cheer me up a bit, I'll follow you and update you Monday xx

  • Arh thanks, looks like we will be going through this journey together, I'm sure Monday will help you, 1 step closer too😊.

    I've only been given my baseline scan for 7/8 once I go for that the hospital said the will tell me wen to start my second injection & ec/et x

  • My baseline is the same day as I start my injections I'm sure that's what they said I remember them saying I'm on 2 a day :-( hopefully I mis heard that one lol. There was too much to take in and it was over the phone to book in the dates so hopefully Monday give me the answers. Where you from if you don't mind me asking, I'm from Kent, his is my 2nd cycle, xx

  • I'm under Coventry hospital, I got referred to walsgrave hospital following lots of tests from my local hospital. This is my first & only cycle being funded, due to being on long protocol I'm looking at paying for an Embroyescope, have you been offered this? X

  • My first was private and now I'm funded on NHS I've been given 2 funded cycles I lost one due to paying for one privately, but I get to fresh and 2 frozen (if I have anything to freeze) on the NHS it's amazes me how different areas allow didn't treatment when I lived in Berkshire I was told wasn't entitled as I was under 30 and lived in the wrong postcode hence why I went private. Then I moved back to kent 5 years ago and decided December 2015 I wanted to try again so went to doctor Jan 2016 and it's taken from then and until now to get where I am,

    Not yet I haven't what is that then? They may mention it to me on Monday? Xx

  • It's mad, I didn't realise different areas are different, as ours is unexplained due to tests all looking fine, we was given the option to pay for an Embryoscope, where they monitor the development of the embryo taking pictures every 10 minutes instead of daily, therefore giving more details & from research completed its meant to improve success rate due to the closet monitoring but I haven't heard many people talk about it on here....

  • I read that they do that at my clinic but I've not sure until Monday what is having, sounds really good. Yes very mad how it's all different mines due to tubes now due to hydrosplinx and my hubby as poor sperm morphology I think so we are having icsi again,

    Are you over a certain age due to the 1 funded as in kent if your over 36 I think it's only 1 funded xx

  • Im 28 & partners 29, when I go for my baseline scan In august I'm going to ask why we're only entitled to 1 ..... worth a try to see what they say.

    Ye may be worth asking to see what kind of results your clinic has had with it. Mine said that they haven't got any numbers that they could go through with me, as it's still fairly new, however from the people who have paid for the extra monitoring they have seen a higher success rate.

    I'm going to do more research online & then ask as a topic on here, would be nice to see if anyone can relate to any experiences using it, either way I think we're going to do due to only getting the one cycle. X

  • You should defiantly be 2 not 1 with your age, I'm 34 and hubby is 38 well in September he is, so yeah I'd definitely asked I think I read somewhere that there wasn't much to prove it works as it was new, but i will ask Monday about it, I'm also asking about the embryo glue too, should ask on here if anyone's used it so far xx

  • I hope you don't mind me asking what is embryo glue? They have said to us we get this cycle, but if we wish to try again & hopefully they manage to freeze from this cycle it will cost us just over £1000 for a frozen cycle. X

  • You should have a free frozen, should enquire your entitlement , erm it's meant to help the embryo stick again not proven but it's not covered on the NHS I don't think, I'm sure it's extras I'll find out Monday, was few post on here about glue xx

  • How did your appointment go on yesterday? Hope it went ok x

  • Sorry didn't get back to you not been on here, yours was today if I remember right?

    Went really well quite daunting really, I've gotta make the actual drugs up this time last time they was pre made, so I'm worrying about that lol they don't make this any easier do they, because I'm high risk of getting ohss I've got extra scan so 3 days out of the week I'll be driving for hour there and an hour back :-( but all depending on scans I may have ec brought forward to early as 26th

    And could get to 18th and not being able to start due to cysts fibroids period etc, so fingers crossed it all good to go on the 18th, I've booked all my dates off work, so hoping it goes my way for once,

    I can't remember the names of the drugs but I'm on one for 5 days then I'll be on 2 until the trigger, then the lovely pessaries after ec and if successful those until 12 weeks and same with my metformin,

    My metformin is making me feel so ergh last few days but that could be down to anxious I guess bloody horrid tablets they are.

    Thanks again for asking, sorry I didn't get round to updating, I'll look at my pack in the morning and tell you the drugs name, I'm just waiting for phone call now to arrange delivery of them.


  • No I've had no mention of a baseline scan! Feels like the clinic are totally winging it although I'm sure they know what they're doing!!

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