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I need to be strong

Am 42 years old

never though age can be an issue

And now am 42 years thank god for that

I thought l am blessed coz ppl die every day before they reach their birthdays

Got married two years back and thinking it will be a normal course of life to have a baby

Infertility hit me hard

3 failed ivf that what hit me more hard

Doctors telling me you are old

I dont feel old

I still got eggs and the rest of my reproductive organs looks ok

How on earth am old !!!

i keep hearing this over and over

I want to give up

But there is a voice telling me don't lose faith on your self or you will lose faith on any thing

I hope I can keep hoping

Am just sad that's all

My 4th trial is coming soon and am so scared to go

But I have to go coz if I didn't I will always be afraid

I will think that am too weak to pursue a dream

It's hard coz it's not a career dream or traveling thing I wish I did it

Trying to have a baby drained me and made me feel because of my age am not meant to have a baby

Is it true

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LadyMM. You sound really down and I'm really sorry that you feel this way. It is such a difficult realisation when infertility sideswipes us when we are least expecting it. I can honestly say that I am changed because of this journey....and not for the better. We must try to retain and keep in touch with ourselves and not lose ourselves down the rabbit hole..... Don't give up and try to stay positive.xx

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Hi LadyMM. Well, your specialist must believe that you are able to go through IVF or he/she wouldn't offer it to you. Just try and remain strong and who knows, all may end well for you this time, I hope so. Perhaps a bit of counselling might help you talk over how you feel just now, worth a try. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Diane

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Lady MM, your not the only one to wonder the same thing... will I be a mum? It does get to you after a while especially when watching best friends and family all with their own little ones but then I do love being Called aunty and all the snuggles I get too!! I’m 41 and waiting for my first review appt after a miscarriage in dec and hoping I get another chance as I don’t want to not try again. Much love to you with finding your strength to decide what you want to do next 💕 xx


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