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Hail Gabriel! Advice Gabriel! (Story of my transformation)

I consider myself a confident and open minded person, although I have always suffered from depression since the age of 15.

Long story short, I wasn’t satisfied with my natural state.

By the way, let me introduce myself. I am Gabriel, but someone may mistakenly call me Sofia. And here is my story.

For a long time, I wasn’t able to understand what was happening to me. I began to ponder a question: Who was staring at me in the mirror? It took more than 2 years to identify myself. It was hard 2 years of the agony and self-destruction. But in the end I was confident: it was a man locked in the woman`s body. I had quite conservative parents so I had to sleep out. And I am very grateful to that few, who helped me up in those days. Most of my “friends” stopped to hang around with me. I started earning for a living and became financially independent early.

Now I am trying to build a career of fashion designer these days. And I have my little victories in this field by now.

At the age of 18 I have already been grimly determined for SRS. I started a course of hormonal tablets and met a man who helped me to cope with the operation. We are still together. He loves me as I am, and I am grateful to him a lot. I love him to pieces.

To be honest, the operation was a nightmare for me, I experienced a difficult year of rehabilitation, but I’m confident that the operation was the best decision in my life.

Finally, Sofia is dead! Hail Gabriel!

I'm already 25. And I do not communicate with family at all. They pretended I am dead for them. I simply followed suit. This life challenge was a good lesson for me. And I'm glad that I had such an experience.

Now, when me and my wedded husband have been together for more than five years we are determined to have a child. I know that he will be an excellent father, coz he is attentive and supportive, I can feel that.

We have already discussed an adoption. And it seems to me that he is for it. I do partially support this option. But maybe I'm too selfish for it, but I really love this man and I do want to raise with him a common child.

I understand that you may consider my story odd, but this is what I have been thinking about for the last six months.

And now I see the only way for our couple, which is surrogacy.

Please suggest any ideas on this matter.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Make sure you love this one life happy!!! Make friends that support you, do activities and make hobbies with people that experience the same thing, your a very brave and strong person.


Just seen this. Surrogacy is definitely an option worth considering as a way to achieve your dreams. Best wishes.


Surrogacy would be an option. Contact a few clinics 4 advice


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