Story about my infertility

This is the saddest thing i could ever feel in my whole life, besides the death of someone dear to me. I`ve shed so many tears, for me, for my husband, for all the women in my situation. This is so frustrating, and painfull at the same time, it feels like i am useless. For so long i`ve been blaming myself, and then my husband. But really, it`s nature`s fault. I used to envy all the women that could have babies. And i was thinking that is the most beautiful feeling in the world. There is nothing comparable to feel your own flesh and blood in your arms. The feeling is unreal, i don`t have words to describe how i want to have that feeling, and how sad it is not to feel that. It`s crazy how we share our feelings here, and we cry our problems. And suddenly, some good news come along. Today i am no longer a pesimist!

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  • Trust me, i feel you. My husband left me because of all the arguments. Our life got worse since i found out i am infertile. Now i feel even worse since i am single. My ex husband is now remarried and he has a child, a boy. Imagine how i feel, beeing in this position. I got a very bad depression after the breakup, but now i feel i need to do something. I searched on the internet, for some options suitable for me. I logged in here to search for some advices to move on, and options for having a baby.

  • Ohhh, my dear! You really have a sad story, and i think you had a really hard life. But nothing is impossible. There are options, always. You just have to find the one option suitable for you. I found mine, and i can really tell you, i am very happy now. I used to be very sad and dissapointed just like you! But now what happend to me lately, made me see everything with colours, and flowers. I am sure the solution for you is just around the corner, you just have to never loose faith! Some of us struggle more, others less, it depends on the situation. And depends if we have support and someone besides us or not. I can`t even believe it , when i think about that i will hold my baby in 8 months. A mini me, will be in my arms. I can`t wait to be a mother, to teach my baby everything about life, about happiness, about everything my mother teached me when i was a baby. I am sure things will work out for you too. Everything is possible, as long as we are alive, and there are people around us to make it possible. Cheer up we are all besides you, even if is just online! You are not alone, someone is above us that loves us! Don`t give up on hope!

  • So sorry to hear your struggles ladies. Please never give up on your dreams. Keep the faith alive and wonderful things can happen 🍀🌈🌥💫

  • Hello! Yes, in my opinion is essential to have support, otherwise you get so depressed that you are tempted to commit suicide. This is not an easy thing to go through. Life is tough, but this makes it harder. We can support each other here, or we can advice each other regarding certain things. That makes us feel we are not alone. And only those people that feel what we feel, really understand what we must go through. Cheer up, hope is not lost. I am looking forward for some tips or recommendations, or some clinics or some options that you experimented.

  • You are in the right place if you are looking for support and tips. I tried myself many ways but nothing worked for me, i almost lost hope. I was seeing everything in black and grey, and now i can strongly say, that black or grey is not even something in my closet to wear. For me surrogacy was the only thing i haven`t tried yet, but i must say i am very happy with it. You just need to make an appointment to the clinic, and they will help you with anything that you need. The clinic where i went, it is amazing, the doctors, and all the staff there are beeing very proffesional and very good in what they do. I am very happy i chose that clinic.

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