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S**t is getting real

Hello lovely ladies,

I'm back after a lovely Christmas break as I will shortly be embarking on my IVF journey - at last!

For anyone who isn't familiar with me (I've noticed lots of new names - Hi!), I've been trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years; our 'diagnosis' is unexplained. We had 3 cycles of IUI, which didn't work and I also tried clomid for a short time.

We were due to start IVF this month but (Top Tip) we were informed by a friend that we could have our 1 NHS-funded cycle at a private clinic and have been awaiting the referral. Well, today is that day. We have our consultation on 13th February!

The clinic will do another semen assessment on my partner which is far more in-depth than what he has had previously. I will have a 3D Transvaginal antral follicle count scan, which I've never had before (I'm yet to google exactly what information this gives but I think I have a good idea!). These are performed on the same day and we get the results back within the hour! I guess the consultant will discuss our results with us, hopefully there's nothing bad to discuss, and I suppose we'll find out what protocol we're on and when we can start! I'm so ruddy scared and excited!

We go on holiday on 3rd March for a week so we won't start until we are back but it feels good to know that things are progressing.

Anyway, that's enough waffling!

Hope you're all well xx

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Evening jojo, I'm new around here but have also been trying for a long time. I wish I would have found this sooner as I think it would have helped. It all happens so quick, I couldn't believe after sooo long of trying. I'm on day 10 (7 days of injections) of my first ivf cycle and I'm so positive because it's finally happening, I just keep having a few shaky moments. Good luck and relax (if you can) on the lead up to your holiday xx

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Hi Leoni, welcome to the forum. I've only been active on here since May last year but I, too, wish I'd found it sooner. It would have saved my sanity that's for sure!

I'm glad that things are moving forwards for you and you are feeling positive. You're bound to have moments of 'shakiness' but it's also exciting (providing things are straight forward). Thank you! Good luck with the rest of your cycle - keep us posted! xx



Can you tell me more about going to a private clinic but being NHS funded? I didn’t realise they done this xx


Hi. I didn't know either! Apparently, once you've been approved for IVF, you should be given a list of clinics that you could have your treatment at. I never was...If there is a private clinic that you are interested in, check their website; it should tell you if they accept NHS patients. Give them a call to discuss what you need to do but I had to ask my old clinic to refer us to the private clinic, which took about 5 weeks as they are required to check with HFEA that you are eligible for funding.

The new clinic seem far more thorough, I just wish I'd known sooner that this was an option. What stage are you at? Xx

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Best of luck for your appointment on the 13th. An hour to process results is amazingly fast. Saves all the anxious waiting for results. 3D scan also sounds very impressive! I’m sure you are looking forward to your holiday in March. Hopefully it’ll help you feel nice and relaxed for your IVF to begin xx

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Thank you. Yes, it does sound very high-tech! It enables them to count your follicles, get a good look at your ovaries and check your endometrial lining. It's amazing what they can do these days xx

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