1st Consult Update

Hi all..... Just acquire update.... So today ( after months of waiting) we finally got to see our consult, after alot of discussions and previous test results, aswell as form filling. we wer told our IVF treatment would begin in November. My wife ( who is 38) was told they need to do a "overian reserve and FSH & AMH test), anyone had these done recently? What are they? 

On one hand I'm gutted it won't start sooner, however on the other hand it's progress knowing we will start treatment in a few months. Once we have the tests done, we will see the consultant again in August, they will then discuss further details of the process. 

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  • These are blood tests to check shes producing the correct hormones and to get an idea of her egg reserve, it might seem a long time away but it will give you plenty of time to prepare. Good Luck

  • Thanks Rosy 

  • Hi Sanj, how long have you been on the list. I thought once you had seen the consultant it was only a few months. 

  • We first got referred to our clinic via our GP last September and only now have been seen by our preferred fertility clinic. 

  • These are just blood test, which determine what protocol/drugs she will be on. You seem to have been waiting forever, try getting the bloods done ASAP and asking for an earlier appointment. I have been really direct and pushy ringing up chasing appointments etc as I still feel like I would be waiting now. Don't be afraid to challenge them and keep phoning xx

  • That's very encouraging. Thank you 

  • Hi Sanj

    If you are willing to pay for the tests could this push it along a bit faster? They would cost you around £100-£150. As others have said, they are simple blood tests. If they were done privately you would get the results within a few days max. 

    Best of luck to you both x

  • Thank you so much firstly. I certainly would mind paying but it's the waiting list we have to contend with :(

  • That does seem like a long time to have to wait.  We were able to start our treatment within a couple of months of the referral to the fertility clinic.

  • Aww best of luck to you... I guess it will give us time to continue preparing and be on the best shape possible. 

  • Hi Sanj76,

    You will both have to go through a number of blood tests.  We did some via our GPS and via the clinic.  We had lots of hormone tests plus they test for things like Hep B as that can pass onto to baby.  We were told that all our blood results need to be within 3 months of the date of our 1st down reg scan.  Therefore because it was quite a few months from our first appointment to the nurse consultation we had to redo some tests.  It is also important to ensure the thyroid function test is recent as I had to redo this.  It seems like a lifetime in the beginning but when I look back the time has gone quickly.  It's best to try and stay patient because you will find your self waiting and waiting and waiting so to save getting stressed, try and relax and go along the journey.  Hope that helps! 

  • Also just to give you an idea.  We had our 1st consultation appointment in November and we booked in for treatment in March.  Treatment due to conclude in May.  There was no waiting list and ours was quick in comparison to most.  

  • Thanks so much Tara...we are both feeling quite encouraged that ball is rolling now

  • Hi there - we were referred last June and had our consultation in November so a month wait for that sounds really fast! We start treatment in May which is about the same but it comes around quick enough if you keep yourselves busy. There will be lots of blood tests! It's all a step closer, best of luck!

  • Thanks fir the encouragement... Hope all goes well fur you too

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