no period since cycle abandoned

I started a cycle last month but due to work commitments and living out in france we decided to put it on hold till were back in the UK but when i spoke to a nurse she said i'll have a bleed 2 weeks after and that was on the 15th february when i stopped all meds is this quite normal? we are hoping to start the cycle again on our return mid April Xx

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  • Hi, I had an abondanded cycle due to my lining not being thick enough. I was told it could take up to 2 weeks to have a bleed. Unfortunately, I still haven't had a bleed and it's been nearly 3 weeks! Hopefully it will show soon xxx

  • Im now 3 weeks since stopping treatment and no show of AF I may ring the clinic tmrw and ask for some advise

  • Hello,

    My cycle was terminated just before EC as i only had one follicle that decided to grow to what it needed to be, and i got my AF dead on 2 wks after,my nurse said for me and my partner to get at it every other day because that one egg that was at the right size was coming out and to test after 2 weeks if no AF but my AF arrived. everyone is different, if you stress and worry about it then that wont help or you could be pregnant?!


  • Hi Ro5ie. Hopefully by then all will have returned to normal and you will have had a bleed. Unfortunately, it doesn't always go to plan, so try not to worry it will be here! Diane

  • thanks diane Ive spoken to the clinic today as still no period they have said to do a pregnancy test and then if i dont have a bleed by early next week i'll have to go back for a scan xx

  • Hi Ro5ie. That's good advice - they're keeping an eye on you. Hope all soon gets sorted out. Thinking of you as always. Diane

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