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Having a rant

Finally got an appointment for the nurse consultation for our FET but its not until the 19th of March.

So looks like my dreams of becoming a mother wont come true this year. And am gonna end up being a granny looking mother.

Having a verucca Salts moment, so annoyed with having to wait so long but they explained that there is a back log with nurse consultations for the FET.

We are private patients are an NHS clinic.

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I'm so sorry hun this is such a Downer for you, maybe you could ask them if you could be put on their cancellation list. Pester them seeing if an appointment becomes available.

Sorry for how this has made you feel hoping you get one sooner. 💗💗🤗😘


I know i should feel happier but i just dont at least i have something to aim for.

I dont feel like im moving forward only like everything else is on pause.

I hate not being able to do what so many women take for granted.

I will try for a cancellation so thank you for that idea.

I just also wanted to say congratulations you must feel a little bit better now knowing that there is a heartbeat. Xx

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I know exactly what you mean hun. You sound like me just want things to get a move on otherwise you feel like your doing nothing and times ticking. Keep strong hun I know it's hard but hopefully they'll get a cancellation and you can get the ball rolling. Try keep busy hun do different things your not used too. I find it helps sometimes. 💗

Thanks hun very shocked never expected it in a million years. I feel a lot better hun trusting things will work out this time 💗💗🤗😘😘


It is frustrating isn’t it! My clinic is the same. I was also told that sometimes they put additional appointments on as they find they have extra availability. Definitely worth asking if you can be put on cancellation/additional appointment list.


You could try a different clinic, it’s possible to transfer frozen embryos.

To be fair though, my clinic would make you wait three cycles after a miscarriage anyway, and they have some of the best results in the county.

As for looking like a granny Mum, many of us on here are older than you so hopefully there will be a fair few of us older mums around. And that’s what hair dye and moisturiser are for! Xx


I mean transfer your embies to a different clinic, not just transfer them into you, obviously!


I feel like ive aged about 10 years since starting this process.

It might be a good idea for me to buy shares in a hair dye company lol.


I’m in! Have to dye it every five weeks now or it has white streaks... aargh!!!!!


Bless you not surprised that a bit frustrating for you. That a long time to wait. It is annoying I know as had to wait a short while after my failed ivf cycle. After the appointment though it was all systems go so starting on next cycle so hopefully be same for u. Will come in no time. Best wishes ☺️


Awww Im sorry! Its so horrible having to wait when you've made a decision that you're ready to move forward. I would definitely give them a ring and leave your number for a last minute cancellation, you just never know!xx


Oh no, I totally understand your frustration at having to wait when you are so ready to get going.

As the others have said, fingers crossed for a cancellation appointment xxx


i hear ya - the constant limbo is like groundhog day.

feels like everyone around us is getting on with their lives, growing their families, while we just go through the same shit - appointments, tests, procedures, hope, disappointment, aaaaaaand repeat.

totally draining.

fingers crossed you get a cancellation.

sending positive vibes 🍀✨


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