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Block, Occlude or Remove? Can’t decide! 🤦🏾‍♀️

Hey Ladies!

Hope 2018 treating you well, finally it’s getting lighter 🌞

I have a question...

Consultation next week and I have to make a decision...

Booking in Laparoscopy and during it my consultant has stated they will do the following...

Assess my Fallopian tubes

And either block - temporarily stop hydrosalpinx fluid or any blockages this enables me to try naturally and miracle of miracles find a complete stranger to impregnate me and get me pregnant (I am being facetious here!). I’m doing this solo as have not met the right man and I’m just 40yrs old.

Option 2 and 3

Occlude or remove Fallopian tubes which is a permanent solution and Ivf will be the only way to get pregnant.

So you see I have to decide before the Laparoscopy what I want to happen depending on what they find.

Any views on this Ladies?

I hope this message is not too icky I just needed to explain it properly. I’ve done pros and cons list and discussed it but can’t decide. I feel like this is a big deal right??!

Thankyou once again


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I suppose it depends how bad they are. Both of my tubes were blocked (hydrophinx ) so I had to get them removed.

The advice is it’s better to have them removed as leakage of fluid can cause the embryo not implant.

If they are not bad and can be unblocked I’m sure the consultant will do their best to save them.

Hope that helps a wee bit


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Hi J

Thanks so much for your reply.

I hope you are having an ok time of it? I’m sorry I haven’t seen your Bio....

That did make sense a wee bit you know which is great!

It’s just because it’s irreversible it’s a bit scary! I know my consultant will do his best you are right! He has been very patient as I didn’t understand what he meant for a bit! Thankyou!

What stage are you at now?




I totally understand. It’s difficult to get your head around it! But if ivf is the only way forward then they, if they are really bad have to be removed.

I’m in a brilliant place now 😀. Probably shouldn’t be on the forum now as I’m not struggling now but I like to pop in now and again.

My story: started trying when I was around 38, eventually went for help around 40years. First ivf failed, 2 eggs collected and didn’t fertilise.

I then had 2 more cycles but de and now have a wee princess 👑 😀

If you have any questions and I can help, ask away 😀

Good luck with your lap and hope you make a speedy recovery.


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I had one of my tubes removed due to an ectopic pregnancy and after found my other was blocked. I was then told IVF was my only option, when we went to the appointment to talk about the options of how it could be done he mentioned i had fluid and that can prevent a successful pregnancy so i may need them clipped? to stop that happening. We decided to go ahead with out the tube being clipped but luckily when we went to have the procedure the fluid had gone.

Luckily for myself the IVF worked first time round and im currently 19 weeks +4 :)

Good luck with what ever you choose, but depending on how bad it is it may be easier to get them removed for future purposes xx


Good morning H

I was very similar to yourself, last September I had called my clinic on the first day of my period and when in 4 days later expecting to start our ivf journey to be told I had fluid in my tube ( we were devastated) we got sent away with the decision to carry on with the ivf cycle but with reduced odds as the fluid can kill off the embryo or have the tube removed.

We eventually decided we have waited so long for this so what is an extra 6 months also if your going to put ur body through this journey u may as well give it 100% so my tube was removed on 14th December and we are due to start treatment in March 😬.

I understand how hard a decision it can be for you so good luck what ever u decide.

S x


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