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Anyone had an ERA test done in the UK?

Dear all,

I wonder whether anyone has ever done an ERA (Endometrium Receptivity Array) test in the UK as an 'external patient' (I am getting IVF treatment abroad), and if so in which clinic? I have asked 2 clinics so far, with no luck - they only do it for their own patients. very frustratig. Indication about the cost would also be useful. I can give you my personal email for the information...

Best wishes and love to all,


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Hi , I have done it at the Lister fertility clinic in London. The protocol is similar to one used for a FET transfer. Good luck


Thank you Martinax very much for your reply!

I contacted them, and they said they only do it to their patients though. So frustrating. I hope things are ok with you. Best wishes!


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