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Hi ladies

I hope that you are all doing well. I am hoping I can some advice. So I am currently down regging and I am using the Synarel nasal spray. I started this on Saturday 24th June. I have no follow up appointment booked but was told to contact the clinic when my AF arrived. However there is no sign of my AF. I am a bit concerned as I have only been given a 2 week supply of Synarel so this will be finished on Saturday. I am not sure what will happen next and I am not sure I have been taking it right for this go happen. Sorry if this seems silly but it is my 1st cycle. Any words of wisdom will be much appreciated. Many thanks xx

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  • If you think you may run out before AF arrives then perhaps call your clinic? They will be able to advise. Good luck with your cycle xx

  • Thank you. I have emailed and will give them a call tomorrow xx

  • Hi, I've never used the nasal spray have always had to inject but with my clinic you have to ring if you haven't had a period within 40 days so probably worth giving your clinic a ring xx

  • Thank you. I will give them a call tomorrow to see what's what xx

  • Well I have been on nasal spray I had a period and then found I was not down regged ( lining too thick and I had a follicle) so they've kept me on it another week scan and bloods tomorrow to see if it's worked...

    I should have had another bleed by now they say to further thin the lining but that's not happened - they said to me some people have a strong and resistant cycle and can be hard to down Reg... seems that's me

    If I don't down Reg in another week I have to abandon and start over or wait for AF and wait to day 21 all over again!!!

    Not good! And honestly the reviews on nasal spray are mixed if I have to do it again I'm biting the bullet and doing injections as they seem more effective.

    As far as a cycle of IVF goes they did tell me that a cycle is only complete once you get to egg collection stage so restarting down reg isn't classed as another cycle of IVF.

    Hope that helps x

  • Give them a ring they will likely scan you and do a blood test for hormone levels and if you can handle switching to injections I would say go for it cause the benefit of not having to keep restarting probs out weighs the delay the nasal spray seems to create when it's not doing its job well enough.

    Others have been fine on the spray but I've seen more than a few now not get down regged with the spray so I won't do that option again

  • Oh waw it really does sound like you have been through the mill! As it's my first time I've no idea what to expect! I will give them a call tomorrow. I think I would be ok with the injections. What ever is the most effective.

    I really hope you have a better run of luck and the rest of the cycle goes smoothly. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Please let me know how you get on xx

  • Thanks yes first and only time for me too you at least hope to just have a smooth cycle don't you x

  • Awe bless you. I'd love to say yes to that but in this crazy world of infertility I don't think anything goes smoothly or to plan xx

  • Very true yes it's hard to keep your chin up at times x

  • I know what you mean but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and if you ever need to chat you know where I am xx

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