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Drugs Appointment TODAY - Short cycle begins tomorrow 😳

Hi everyone 👋🏼

Iv just got home from my drugs appointment at the Hewitt. I'm starting on Norethisterone tomorrow for 10 days. I then have my base line scan booked for 26th Jan. It's finally starting to happen!!

I'm just wondering did anyone have / recommend Accupuncture? Iv just spoken to a chine Accupuncture clinic near me, she said people usually start earlier but I can start now if I want to for £30 per session and do one a week? Also does it make a difference that it is my partner with the fertility issue not myself?

Iv just text my manager explaining the whole IVF situation to her, I'm eagerly awaiting her reply now. I wasn't going to tell work but realised after my appointment today it would be pretty difficult to book annual leave as all depends how my body takes to the drugs.

I'm so nervous yet excited!!!

Any advice would be appreciated

Emma x

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Hiya Emma, i told my line manager at work too and I found it much easier then to get out for appointments and rearrange time off when things changed at short notice.

I did have acupuncture during some of my cycles. I did have some in the lead up to and throughout the cycle itself. I found it really helpful. If nothing else I found it gave me a chance to relax and be mindful during what was a very stressful time. My husband also had some sessions and he also loved how relaxing it was.

Good luck for the weeks ahead. Looking forward to hearing how all is going for you xx

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I told my manager about my ivf. Also helped out with the subsequent miscarriage and then time off for a frozen transfer.

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Thank you both for your replies.

I'm still awaiting a reply off my manager which I'm starting to worry now isn't a good thing 😐👎🏼

I have booked my first Accupuncture appointment for Tuesday morning.

Also at the minute I'm taking folic acid, iron, vitamin D and multi vitamins, anything else I should take? I've cut out alcohol and caffeine since new year and I'm going to continue that throughout.


Emma 🌹 Xx


For my second cycle I also took DHEA and Co Q10 supplements as these help with egg quality. And compared to my first cycle where all embryos stopped developing and a large number where immature, for my second cycle I had a much higher number of mature eggs and got two good quality blastocysts. Ask the clinic as to whether taking these supplements will be suitable for you however it is my understanding that taking them for 3-4 months before hand is needed for their full effect.

Wishing you the best of luck xx

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