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Feeling really teary today - start my first IVF cycle tomorrow


Did anyone else feel like this? I’ve been teary all morning - not sure if it’s the heat, the anticipation of starting burselin tomorrow and the long awaited road ahead and scared of the unknown or am just being a bit silly. Can’t exactly blame the drugs..! am nervous I am going to be an emotional mess throughout this process - already am without the added hormones. Just feel really anxious and nervous. Told work yesterday and they were really supportive - so it’s not that.

Anyway rant over xx

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We havent started our cycle yet but I already have days when I just cant gold back the tears. I imagine ill be like you and be emotional before it starts. Id say its totally normal..its a very emotional charged situation and you moat definitely are not being silly.. wishing you the best of luck xo

Thanks lovely, good luck with your journey and hope you start soon too xx


Yes it is an emotional time - all the waiting and leading up to it.

So exciting you are about to start but also scary too!

Best of Luck!


Barbara1012 in reply to Hidden

Thanks EB, not sure my poor husband knows what he’s signed up to! Ha xx

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I know - mine just looked a bit stunned at appointments. But they get through it :) My consultant told him to get a big shed in the garden! ;) In case I was moody!

You are doing so well - have a good cry whenever you need to :)

We were amazed at the whole IVF process and how it can help people like us to conceive - even down to the embryo transfer it was just amazing to see the little embryo going in!

Keep us posted how you are getting on! Mostly everyone on here has been through it so can support.


Barbara1012 in reply to Hidden

Thanks lovely xx

Hello.... when i started my cycle i was feeling exactly the same as you, really emotional unsure and not knowing whats going to happen. I felt alot better after the first few injections were given. My clinic are really good they are always there to help and it’s really reassuring l. I would suggest ask your clinic any questions big or small to put your mind at rest and really take each day as it comes... i never believed this saying when i got the advice but honestly you really have to take each day as it comes or you lose the plot thinking about the unknown! Lol goodluck with it all xxxx

Thank you, you’re absolutely right - taking each day as it comes is the way forward. Think I need to keep busy and stop analysing everything. Hope you’re ok xx

I know its hard to do but you need to keep busy with other things, you when you hear people say ‘ivf takes of your life’ its a true saying! 😀 keep busy with other things, pamper yourself go out for walks and im always here if you want a chat x

Thanks lovely, that’s really kind and ditto xxx

Sorry my above post was supposed to say “ivf takes over your life” lol xx

Totally normal. I’m on my third transfer and cry all the time lol x

Barbara1012 in reply to Apdp

Oh God! I need to invest in some good quality Kleenex then :) starting to feel a bit better - thanks xx

I was like that before starting, but to be honest once the meds kicked in (which was surprisly quickly) I felt too tired to care and roamed about in work like a zombie, and I actually slept the best I have in a long time during ivf ☺ so don't worry, just take it one stage at a time and allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel xo

Thank you - sleep would be good xx hope your ok xx

Hey, i know exactly how you are feeling, i start my menopur injections this week, currently awaiting my 1st full day of bleeding, started spotting today and prior to this i’ve been an absoloute tearful mess! I think its a fear of the unknown, and just general anxiety/excitement about the whole process.

Wishing you loads of luck xxx

Thank you - hope the menopur injections are ok (as ok as needles can be!). Thanks for replying - just need to get tomorrow over with and i’ll settle into it.

Wish you all the best and thanks again for reaching. Really pleased I joined this site - xx

Hi, I was exactly the same as you, I was tearful all the time and when the drugs arrived I considered postponing another month as I thought I couldn't do it, but you can your a lot stronger than you think. I felt so much better after I'd done the first few injections, I slept so much better than on the build up and felt more relaxed about the whole process.

Take each day at a time and don't think about the next. I was really frightened of feeling awful from the side effects as had only started a new job one month before but in actual fact I was very lucky and other than feeling tiered I was ok. To this day work still don't know, when I had my transfer they thought I was at the dentist for a couple of hours lol. Don't think too far ahead and remember everyone is different so try not to compare yourself to other people results at scans etc as we all get there in the end even if it means increased/different meds.

Wishing you all the luck in the world and you can do this xx

Thanks JM, your post makes me want to cry again. All the best with your cycle, let me know how you get on xxx definitely want to get tomorrow over with and get some proper sleep xx

Jm82 in reply to Barbara1012

Oh I'm sorry, didn't want to upset you. Thank you, unfortunately our first round of Icsi failed in March but I have just started a frozen cycle, feeling much more relaxed this time now I know what to expect, I think that's the scariest thing - the Unknown.

Are you on long or short protocol? Xx

Jm82 in reply to Jm82

Sorry just seen your last post saying you were on long protocol, that's what I did and the time does actually go quite quickly too once you start xx

Barbara1012 in reply to Jm82

Thanks Lovely, it’s not you - am just all over the place to day. Our nurse explained the process and she estimated egg collection by 20 Aug & transfer 5 days after if all goes to plan so just hioing for a smooth process - but I know IVF is anything but. We’re getting some work done to the house so the chaoes will be a distraction I expect xx not sure what the difference between long and short is but assume it’s shorter time til transfer, if so all the best with that, hope your frostie makes him/herself comfortable on transfer xxx

Hi Barbara, I was awful before and during my first cycle. It’s a very daunting process to be embarking on and you’re entering in to the unknown. It’s physically and emotionally demanding. Wishing you lots and lots of luck. Be kind to yourself and make sure to keep in touch with everyone on here for moral support. Lots of love xx

Barbara1012 in reply to Dunla

Thank you Dunla - messages all day have definitely made me feel better xx hope you’re ok xxx

Dunla in reply to Barbara1012

I’m really glad to hear that. You take good care of yourself xx


Best of luck for tomorrow!

Barbara1012 in reply to Hidden

Thanks lovely xxx hope you’re ok xx

Good luck! Does this mean tomorrow is your baseline scan? Then injections start! Mine is on 1st August x

Hey lovely, no - tomorrow is buselerin injections (down regulation) - baseline scan booked for 9August ( day on the basis that AF arrives before then).

Made a big jug of lemon ice tea (with some stevia) and watching some trashy tv ( love island!) and downloaded mindful IVF to listen yo before bed. Hoping that does the trick and chill me out.

All the best on the 1 st August, I think you must be on a short protocol or something - keep me posted on how you’re getting on xx

Sending you lots of love 💕 just take each day as it comes and try to stay calm and positive xxxxx

Barbara1012 in reply to Caza2009

Thanks lovely, I am trying xx hope you’re doing well - thanks for replying means a lot xx


Hope your first day went ok! X

Hey lovely, how are you doing? How was the midwife? Hope she nice to you x

It was fine - the injection itself was ok ( once I plucked up enough courage to actually do it, took a lot longer than expected, ha!) I fell asleep about an hour later - think the nerves and anxiety knocked me out. Woke up at 4 am though - and now am knackered! I actually sniffed the coffee jar for a hit. Ha. Have a good day xx

Hidden in reply to Barbara1012

Haha so funny - if you can get your fix from sniffing! 😂

The first injection is the worst! We were so scared. Then I was a pro by the end of the cycle! :)

Ah hope the rest goes smoothly!

Midwife was nice - Irish like myself so happy with that.


Barbara1012 in reply to Hidden

Brilliant, pleased for you sweets. My hubby is Irish, he’s helping me see the funny side of it all:) xx

Hidden in reply to Barbara1012

Ah good news :) 💚💚💚

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