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What to expect from a FET

Good afternoon all hope you are ok.

I was just wondering if you all could share your experiences of having a FET.

After my review appointment on Saturday morning im still not really sure of what it involves. The consultant just went on about needing more progesterone.

It was decided that i will be having a medicated FET though.

Ive just recently had a miscarriage and not due back at the hospital until next Tuesday for my check up, so looking to start the FET either feb or march providing everything has gone back to normal.

Lots of love

Lynsay x

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Hey, I wrote a FET daily diary that I need finish but pretty much goes up to transfer day


Just remember that depending on your circumstances things might be slightly different.

I finally got my BFP with my FET and I’m currently 8 weeks with twins.

Best of luck my dear, message me if I can help in any way


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Hi Lynsay

Im sorry for your loss.

I'm currently doing my first FET! I started Buserelin injections on day 21 of my cycle 2 weeks later I had a blood test to see if I had shut down. On Saturday i started progynova tablets (one a day at the moment increasing to 3 a day) and evorel patches which are changed every 3 days. I have a scan on 19th to check lining all being well I will have transfer on 25th. Not really had side effects too bad was emotional to start with and just feeling tired and more thirsty than normal. My cycle returned to normal after my miscarriage after 6 weeks. Good luck with it all. Christina xx


A medicated FET will be where they will give you initially oestrogen (progynova) to build your womb lining to at least 9mm. Then you will take some progesterone as well. Not as much work as a fresh cycle but much more emotional for me.


I’ve just started my FET cycle y’day - but I had no down reg with mine and have gone straight on to progynova on day 1 of my cycle when AF started. I have a scan on 19th to check my lining and then all going well transfer the following week on a day to be confirmed!!

Wishing you the very best of luck!! xx


Hi there, I’m sorry for your loss.

I’m on my first FET at the mo too.

I’m on the pill at the moment to down reg, then all being well start progynova (3 x tablets per day) around 22/1, scan on 1/2, then FET w/c 5/2 if my little frostie thaws ok 🤞.and the dreaded pessaries!

Am feeling a bit PMTish on the pill e.g feisty, I’m blaming the pill for it but my partner isn’t convinced 😂

Wishing you lots of luck for your FET xx


Hi Lynsay, sorry for your loss. I had a long protocol FET in November and read up a lot. I think the process is very similar to fresh but without EC, fewer scans and with more options for tablets rather than injections.

On long protocol the first stage is down regging starting on day 21. There seem to be 2 main options for this, Prostap, which is a 1 off injection or Buserelin which is daily injections. You should then have AF as normal. I had Prostap and then sat round waiting for what felt like ages for the next part. A lot of women say they scan 2 weeks after starting down reg but for some reason my clinic was a 3 week wait (as it happened a good thing as AF hadn’t arrived by week 2).

After your scan to confirm your lining is nice and thin you start on oestrogen tablets to build up your lining. My clinic always starts these on a Saturday for some reason. I was on 3 tablets then upped to 4 after a few days. Some ladies take the tablets all together whilst others spread out across the day. I preferred all together so I didn’t forget any. Part way through I also started with Dalacin cream. After 12 days of tablets I went for a scan to check my lining was nice and thick which it was. The clinic then worked out when they could fit me in for ET which was a week later. 5 days before ET I stopped the Dalacin cream and started on progesterone pessaries. I continued on oestrogen tablets, though went back down to 3 and you stay on oestrogen and progesterone until the end of cycle if BFN or week 12 if BFP.

Hope that helps. My cycle unfortunately ended in a CP so I’m starting a new FET cycle when Feb AF arrives. This time I’m doing short protocol which skips the downregging phase and starts oestrogen on day 1, although I understand I’ll have some sort of injections over the first week to prevent follicles growing. I have nurse consultation on Monday so will find out more then.

Good luck with your FET, I hope you have more success this time x



I know exactly what you must be going through right now and it’s rubbish. However, having a plan got me through and it sounds like one is coming together for you.

I had a natural FET in the first cycle following my miscarriage. Whether it’s this or a medicated cycle is really down to individual circumstances so trust your doctor on this would be my advice.

On the progesterone point, I’m slightly skeptical. It seems to be the standard response when IVF has not worked, yet progesterone levels are only one of many things that influence the outcome. It won’t do you any harm to take more, but it may not be necessary. Sadly miscarriage is common, and it’s likely it as just bad luck than anything else.

I wish you luck in your next attempt and be kind to yourself in the meantime.


good luck with your FET my lovely.

i had long protocol FET in july & found it much easier than fresh cycle - no stimming, so less intense & shorter in duration.

sending love & positive vibes - i hope this your time ✨💕✨


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