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Changing HPT test strength?

Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all ok. I hope you don’t mind me posting this on here..I guess I am just looking for some re-assurance...it took us a while to get a positive test which I got Friday morning with a clear blue digital! And then took another fast response with a strong double line.

Today I lost all my symptoms (only heavy breasts and nausea) so I took another just for reassurance. However, the fast response test line was much fainter sad I’m fearing this is bad news along with the lost symptoms. Also lost a bit of my bloating... I’m just terrified that this is not a good sign! Any other experiences would be appreciated...I feel it’s been such a long wait for this and I was so happy. Now I’m terrified :( should be 4-5 weeks along if all ok..thank you! X

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Did you conceive naturally or through ivf?


Thankfully naturally (had our fertility treatment referral process started last month after husbands SA) we’re about to embark on treatment process. I have PCOS.


The only thing I can suggest is t take a blood HCG? The levels detected would indicate whether your having a miscarriage. Try with your doc but you may have to pay for a private test.


Thank you. I’m at the doctors Tuesday but just wondered if anyone else new what it could be. Expecting the worst! Thank you x


Did you test again this morning hun? How did you get on? The difference could be anything, more diluted urine, not using fmu, etc. It doesn't always have to mean a bad thing. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, I know how worrying a time this can be xx


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