April ivf buddies ??

Hey ladies just thought I would do a post to see if anybody is starting ivf in April?  I am due to start our 2nd round of icsi on the 4th April after a failed round in December ! I doing short protocol this time as I did long protocol last time which I didn't respond very well to , so hoping for a better response 2nd time around. Hope your all feeling good wherever you are along this exhausting journey of ours ! Xx

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  • Hey daydreamer89, I have been on buserelin for 3 weeks and have baseline scan tomorrow to see if I can start stims this week. This is my 2nd round too xx

  • Hi there - we will be starting our first round in April , likely to be towards the end of the month . My drugs arrive tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell!!

  • Good morning, I m starting my short protocols in April too, just waiting for my cycle to start, it s our 2nd icsi after a failed one in January,  long protocol+OHSS+ lining border line...

    I had hysteroscopy+ cervical dilation+ endometrial scratching on day 21 of my march cycle. If all goes well I m also planning on embryo glue and embryoscopy if we have enough eggs.

    I ve also been having acupuncture since December.

    Good luck ladies

  • Im hoping to start again in April, we had to stop in the last cycle after my body didnt react as hoped to the busereline as i have 2 ovarian cysts due to endometriosis. Feel like ive been waiting forever for my period to come so i can ring the hospital! Good luck with this round, fingers crossed for everyone xx

  • Nice to know people who are going through treatment the same time :) wishing u all the best of luck for some very sticky ones , fingers crossed ... I only had 5 eggs last time , only 2 fertilised and had 1 put back on day 3 transfer so I'm hoping that I will respond a lot better on a short protocol!  

    I have never wanted my period to start so much so I can ring the hospital and get things rolling ! Good luck lovelies xx

  • Hi. I'm on short protocol too, it's my 4th cycle and on Tuesday, I went for my first scan. The nurse said part of my womb was still 9mm thick. I went back for a repeat scan yesterday and it was 3mm; phew! Started Buserelin yesterday and I will be on the Menopur from today. 

    We had IVF for the first round, and only had 5 eggs collected with one embryo fertilised. ICSI improves things a lot, as on round two, we had 7 eggs collected, 3 embryos fertilised and 2 early blasts put back in. 

    During the last cycle, I had 8 eggs collected, 5 fertilised and 2 made it for a 3 day transfer. 

    All we need is one, good quality embryo to stick and off we go!!! Best of luck to everyone 🍀🍀

  • Hi. We've got our first IVF appointment this week having had all the background tests done already so fingers crossed we can get started asap. Have read up on a fair few things but still trying to get my head around others (and second guess some of the abbreviations on here!). I'm not sure what the difference is between short and long protocols people have mentioned either? Keeping my fingers crossed for us all! 

  • Well my body is playing games because I am due on every 25days like clock work and today is day 25 when I should of been going to the hospital to have a scan and start treatment but my cycle decided otherwise as the one time I actually want it to show its face it has not 😠 

    So frustrating when I geared myself up for it to begin today ! How u all doing ? 

    @glorygirl have your period showed up yet or are u still waiting?  Xx

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