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Dreams can come true...mine did after failed attempts of IUI and IVF...have hope...


Hi ladies, I have been through a journey that I wanted to share. In January 2015 I was told I suffered with PCOS and endometriosis and after having a laparoscopy, I was informed that my left fallopian tube was blocked and therefore any chances of getting pregnant was through IVF, basically I was labelled as infertile.

This led me on a journey with many hopes, disappointment, anger, guilt, jealousy and pain. I endured 5 failed attempts of IUI and 1 failed attempt of IVF.

Last year my dream come true as my second IVF attempt worked, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant.

I am not writing this post to boast, I merely want to share that dreams can come true.

I want to offer support to women still suffering. I suffered in silence at times and felt so low that I felt I had failed as a woman, without my husband, a fantastic fertility clinic, an amazing consultant and a counsellor who I owe everything to, I would not have survived.

After all the disappointment I survived....I hope everyone else does too.

Lots of love. Xxx

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Congratulations and I wish you a safe delivery. Indeed dreams come true and may our dreams come true this year

Summan in reply to kumkums

Your dreams will come true. xxx

Lovely story, thanks for sharing. I have PCOS too so it’s great to hear that it can work. My OTD is today. Clinic doing a blood test and I’ll know by lunchtime. Really hope this is my lucky round but if not I’ll try to find the strength to keep going. Xx congratulations on your happy news! Xxx

Summan in reply to NsKaz

It can work and it will work! I really hope it works out, let me know how you get on! xxx

This is great as I’m on my second attempt. Wishing you all the best x

Summan in reply to sanchia46

Oh wow, good luck! Hope it works for you. xxx

huge congratulations and thank you so so much for sharing..these stories give us all hope..much love and good luck xxxx

Summan in reply to vic77

Always have hope as that's what kept me going, without it, I would have gave up years ago. Despite the bad days and negative feelings you have, keep going. You will be fine. xxx

Congratulations. I also have pcos and have been ttc for over 3 years. We’ve just done our 1st round of ivf and got a bfp still a long way to go but so happy. Good luck with everything xx

Keep positive and look after your mind and body through this crucial time, well done! This is amazing news, I downloaded some CD's to do some meditation in my early days of pregnancy which allowed me to imagine my baby growing week by week, I also had fertility acupuncture in the first 12 weeks. Make sure you rest! Good luck to you too. Sending lots of hugs. xxx

Lovely story. Thanks for sharing and giving some of us some hope. Best wishes xx

Summan in reply to Music1

I wish you all the best, it will be okay. xxx

Your story seems almost identical to mine! PCOS, endometriosis, blocked tube, though I also have a removed tube on the other side. Your story has given me great hope, I have had my delivery of medication this morning (a little early as we aren't due to start until March!), just a waiting game (first of many waiting games!) For now. Wishing you all the very best for your delivery xxx

Summan in reply to Mrs_LS

Oh wow, then I can tell you it can work as it worked for me, after all the set backs it can still happen and it will happen for you if you keep going on despite all the pain. Do everything as planned and set out as your consultant has stated, March will soon come and these things are best not rushed, after my first failed IVF, I waited a year to try again so I could rebuild myself emotionally and physically. It is a waiting game but enjoy each stage and think of it as a step closer to getting pregnant. I really found that fertility acupuncture helped me in preparation for my IVF cycle and I started it about 8 weeks before my cycle. It allowed me to mentally and emotionally connect with my body preparing for the medicine. Alternatively you can buy these CD's to do it at home. Believe it can work and it will, please keep me updated and good luck for March! Wishing you all the best. Lots of love, Sunita. xxx

Mrs_LS in reply to Summan

Thank you. I'm trying to enjoy it, it's so hard when I feel like all I see on here is 'BFN', that's why I just had to reply to you. I have been thinking about fertility acupuncture, did you have someone recommended to you or did you just pick from Google? There is a complementary therapies morning at my clinic next month which I will be trying to attend. Thank you for your well wishes and massive congratulations and good luck for your imminent labour! Lauren xxx

Summan in reply to Mrs_LS

My consultant recommended someone and when I researched her, she seemed good. Are you based in West Midlands? That clinic sounds good, my first IVF cycle was all medical with no holistic approaches and it did not work, I think thinking of your mind and body when completing IVF does benefit the cycle. Good luck to you too. xxx

Amazing!! xx

Yay! Thank you for sharing 👏🏻❤️ xx

Did you have regular periods when you got diagnosed with pcos ?

Congratulations and all the best for the rest of your pregnancy and Labour. Today is my due date (40 weeks today pregnant) after our first cycle of IVF due to me not ovulating and a low AMH levels for my age and I’m getting induced today xxx

Emmad781 in reply to Tezzabell86

Good luck

You must be so excited

Looking forward to seeing a pic of him xx

Tezzabell86 in reply to Emmad781

Very excited to meet him now I will make sure I put one up as soon as possible xxx

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