Annoying former friends

Annoying former friends

I posted this picture on Facebook with the caption "my kind of sales shopping". Someone who used to be a friend, not spoken to in years, but still friends with on Facebook, commented "is this a countdown to a baby?" Firstly, there are 11 boxes there, the math is pretty simple. Second, how insensitive to make such a comment on a public forum to a woman in her 30's married for more than a year. Even if there were 8 (for those people who can clearly count) and the intention was to reward myself for each month that passed by before my baby arrived, how dare she feel that she can "out" my news in such a way?! It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and insensitive people can be.

Sorry, rant over. It just really annoyed me

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  • Some people are so insensitive and don't think. I've had people say things like 'about time you had kids isn't it'. Safe to say they are no longer on my friends list. Stay strong. You don't need negativity in your life. Just know you are better than that x

  • People can be so rude, it really is none of their business. I don't get why people think it's ok to comment. Oh well, as you say, they aren't worth having as friends x

  • First of all... jealous of your sales haul 😍..... second... I just think that’s a strange comment to make anyway?? Thoughtless comments can be so hurtful, I would be tempted to comment back with what you thought - how would 11 boxes be a countdown to a baby?? 😂 Make a joke out of it and maybe they will think twice before making an idiot of themselves in future. Don’t think on it too much though, it’s going to drain your good energy xxx

  • Haha, thanks! They were on sale for 75p, bargain! I did originally reply that she clearly couldn't count. But then I decided I didn't want her in my life any longer so deleted the comment and then her. I was still smarting from the comment though and I know this is a safe place to vent. Thank you for listening 😊 x

  • 75p, what a bargain!!

  • Yep they can really hurt can’t they... good on you for deleting her xxx

  • I'm with sprinkles. Please ask can you count. ??

    Thornton's ate great I did same last year for my family that do Easter. They thought I spent a fortune 😆

    Don't let ignorance like that wind you up give her a slap in face donut 11 eggs doesn't make sense why she's say that. Spitefull.

    There's a reason your not friends no more hold on to that and plz to that message to her openly. Big hugs hun 💗💗🤗😘😘

  • Thanks hun. Unfortunately this got to me more than it should. Why should someone I've not spoken to in over 6 years suddenly make such a comment. She has now been unfriended.

    Yes most of these are for family too, it's such a bargain and was so well hidden in our local x

  • Best thing to do unfriend. Stupid thing to say I'm really sorry hun. Don't let ignorant 💩 heads get you down lovely.

    Happy new year my love 💗🤗😘

  • Happy new year to you to lovely xx

  • I hear you lovely, i do not understand how people can be so insensitive? I've had several commens like 'no children yet then?' ... 'Are you going to have babies?' .... Etc etc etc As hard as it is, i now just try and ignore such comments, although wish i was the sort of person who could come up with something witty and clever to say at the time! Try not to think too much of it. I'm here if you need to chat or offload xxx

  • Thanks hun. Like you, I've got used to people I know asking, but also don't have a witty response. I think this shocked me in 2 ways, the fact that I haven't heard from her in years, and that she jumped from chocolate to babies. Very weird x

  • I agree, very odd thing to say and insensitive. I can totally understand why you're feeling this way. Take care lovely xxx

  • What a weird and stupid thing to say.

    Personally I would private message her to tell her we were struggling and make sure she understood what hurt her comment had caused to stop her doing it to anyone else. However, I know this isn’t the route everyone would take- maybe just delete her if you don’t see her anymore anyway!

  • Deleted her. I considered the private message but decided she wasn't a person worth knowing my struggle. She is also someone who publicly announced how unfair it was that they'd spent 3 months trying for their 3rd and it was unfair God wouldn't let them complete their family! I should've deleted her then! X

  • Yes, she clearly has no idea! 3 whole months... how on earth did she cope?!!!!!

  • If they haven’t been through what we have or are going through then people just don’t think and don’t realise how hurtful their comments can be. I once had an elderly ex colleague pat my stomach and ask no baby yet?

  • It's true, you can only understand this battle when you've been through it, which is very unfortunate as so many people become insensitive. We're lucky to have each other x

  • What an idiot and to write it on a post on fb is just ridiculous, best off deleted. Enjoy your choc so jealous I love white chocolate xx

  • Haha, thanks! Love white chocolate too. It's a good consolation x

  • It is pretty shocking what some people come out with - I've often found it is people with children who seemingly breezed through the whole baby thing who come out with the most inconsiderate and inappropriate comments such as "oh it rarely works first time round, it WILL work second time" (regardless of what the test results are).

  • I can remember my sister saying "don't worry, it took us 5 months to get pregnant first time". She was a little shocked and apologised quite a lot when I told her we were a year into our journey at that point. She's been nothing but supportive since. But you're right, it is usually those who haven't struggled, or men who just have no idea for whatever reason, who make the most insensitive comments x

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