Heavy bleeding

Thanks to everyone for their support and I don't wanna bring everyone down but iv had a v heavy bleed this morning with clots so I think it's game over. Waiting for clinic to callback as usual which is so frustrating. Am absolutely gutted at mo and am sat on my own not quite knowing what to do to b honest. Hubby works an hour away and has just left work and everyone else is at work. Just feeling a bit lost xxx

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  • A virtual hug for you - sorry there's nothing more I can do. My heart goes out to you xx

  • Thanks lovely xxx

  • Oh hunny. Very sorry. Also sending hugs. ️Xx

  • My heart goes out to you. Sending you a big hug and hot chocolate < 3 xx

  • I am really sorry hun I know there are no words which can comfort you, I am really hoping that there is a still some chance of successful pregnancy as I have read stories where women had heavy bleeding and still have a baby. May be you should go straight to your clinic for examination or consultation, I am surprised that your hospital did not offer your progeestore with injection after informing them for your spotting. I keep my fingers cross for you xxx

  • Are you going through ivf? do you mean hearvy bleeding with your period? as i wouldnt worry about it to much, i was told that i would have a period as im just at the stage where i have started buserelin injections i was worried as my period was 3 days late than normal but it came yest im am also having hearvy bleeding and bad clots but i was told that its nothing to really worry about as your period my be very hearvy or light, i hope the clinic gets back to you soon x x

  • Thanks all. Inhopeofababy - im just over 6 weeks pregnant so it's not looking good. Babylonia -clinic just phoned and iv got a scan at 2.30. I'm stil hoping it wil b ok but there was a good amount of fresh blood so I'm thinking its a miscarriage as I have pains too. Iv also got myself so stressed that can't b good for matters!wil try and calm down now! Thanks everyone xxx

  • Bella, when I bleed for 4 days it was fresh blood and quit heavy bleeding and I w b on to get a positive, so it's not over yet!! Stay strong

  • Bella79, I am so sorry for you i am sat here reading your msg with tears rolling down my face, i am praying for you that you haven't lost it and sending you a big hug for your scan later and will be thinking of you Xx

  • Really sorry to hear that .. :( .. No words can help Xx

  • I am sending lots of love to you. Xxxx

  • Aww im really sorry to hear this, it's heartbreaking. I really hope you scan goes well- unfortunately the same thing happened to me at 12 weeks I new as soon as I saw blood that it was over- and the scan confirmed. I really hope thats not the case for you and you continue in your pregnancy x

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