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Brave story to share

I met a single lady the day I had my eggs pick up. She said it's her 5th times ICSI, and she had miscarrage on 4th time. She had a partner when they did the first time. Then, they broke up but she is still so determined to be a mother. She is only able to produce 2-3 eggs , so she always needs to do injection cycle everytime. She said if this time still doesn't work for her, she has her plan B- looking for foster kids, preferrably baby. She said I can still have a partner later on in my age, but I can't wait to be a mom. She said she also has family and close friends supporting her decision. She is now 39. I just want to say there always is a way out ladies! Just keep positive and don't give up if having baby is really important to you! But of course you need think x100 of any important decision in life. :)

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