2nd Test *Warning Contains Photo* - Symptoms

2nd Test *Warning Contains Photo* - Symptoms

Morning Ladies, I hope you’re well! I haven’t been on for a just over a week, it’s been a very busy time with my Husbands 30th and packing my house up to move Tuesday - yes 6 days before Christmas!!

Just wanted to share with you my 2nd result, the line got darker and I’m definitely pregnant! Still can’t believe it! Now just on countdown to my scan! Annoyingly I should have been scanned on 28th Dec but my clinic are fully booked so I have to wait for 4th January where I’ll be 8 weeks. Nurse was trying to make me feel better by saying it would be a nicer scan then anyway as I would see more!

Just wanted to ask about symptoms, I’ve had the few occasional cramps but in the last few days I’ve felt tired. My belly has been bloated and it feels slightly sore in the sense of almost like I’ve been doing a work out/sit ups, is that normal? I’ve found laying on my back better than sleeping on my side just because it feels more crampy when I sleep on my side. I’ve still not had any bleeding, just want to get to my scan so I can actually see the embryo and be sure all is ok! X

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  • Congratulations whoaaaa. I believe we are in the same boat I'm also due for my first early scan next friday 29th. I have been bloated and some cramps aswell but doctor's say its all normal as long as there is no heavy bleeding . I know the feeling I just want to see something to make it real. The days are so long thou😥. All the best for then and it's gonna be a happy new year for us 🤗

  • Ah amazing news! Congratulations! I know! I’m hoping the Christmas holidays will be a distraction! Good luck for the 29th xx

  • Congratulations!!

    I am counting down until my test day - roll on Friday!!

    Did you have any other symptoms over the 2WW? I am only feeling tired and a bit crampy and worried this is a bad sign? I had some pain (well more like pulls/twinges) down my left last night but other than this nothing else!

    I feel like a crazy lady and time is going way too slow for my liking!! lol xx

  • Thank you! No tbh I haven’t had anything really, the tiredness has only been the last two days. Cramping was on and off - it’s hard not to worry but it sounds normal to me based on what others have said to me too! It will come round before you know it xxx

  • Thanks for replying hun. I am trying to keep positive and not worry but that's easier said than done huh lol xx

  • Hi Chantelle89. That's fabulous news! Just wanted to wish you well with your ongoing pregnancy, and hope you've got your scan booked, so you can meet your little bean. Try not to overdo it with the exercising AND moving house too. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane! Scan is booked for the 4th Jan! Should have been 28th but my clinic were booked for that day. I haven’t done any exercise just yet! Moving house I’ve got plenty of help xx

  • Hi. Oh that's a nuisance! Pleased to hear you have plenty of help. Take it easy! Diane xx

  • Amaaaaazzzing news hoooray . Your pregnant. i love saying it. Realy happy for you. Cant wait for the update fr your scan. i know its hard to wait but it will be amazing when u do het to see you baby boo. Lots of love and kisses . xx

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