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Trigger warning - scan photo


Hey lovelies, just wanted to update those that have followed my journey.

I'm 32+2 now and had my second growth scan. My little chunk is measuring ar 37+3 already 😅 and weighs 5lb 5oz. His head and stomach are huge and I have to get him out of my 5ft 2 body 😅. My back hurts, heartburn sucks and the insomnia is shocking - but i am so thankful to be here with my baby.

On the 18th of this month my little angel Benjamin turned 1! One year already since we met and said goodbye to our darling angel. A very bitter sweet month, but his little brother has definitely helped us get through the difficult days.

Good luck everyone 🥰💕💕

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Oh lovely, this is such wonderful news xxx 💕💫🌟🌈🌟

Wonderful!!! 💕

Awww your little chunk is a big boy and you're so tiny! I'm not surprised you are struggling, bless you! Not long to go now. Can't believe its a year since you lost your precious Benjamin. Hugsxx


Hi bms. Well not too long to wait now before you get to met your little "chunk". Scan looking good, so let's hope he pops out of your little body all nice and clean with his nappy on - I wish! Such a story you will have to tell him when he is older, bless him. Thinking of you my dear. Diane

Oh amazing! So happy for you (though not his size in relation to your body). You’ll get him out there one way or another, willpower is a wonderful and strong force! Enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy and good luck with the final push figuratively and literally! Will be looking out for your announcement. Xx

Awww lovely pic! What a cutie 🥰

Are they going to induce you early due to his size?xx

bms12 in reply to KiboXX

Nope 🙈 still happy for me to go full term if that's what my body wants - I've been told to expect around 10lb Haha. Hoping the large margin of error these scans can have apply to me 😂 x

KiboXX in reply to bms12

Here’s hoping 🤞🏻😂

Awww my friend just got told the same at 33 weeks in terms of size but they’ve said they will induce her at 38 weeks. She’s due 4 days after me, always knew she would somehow end up beating me to it! 😒🤣

bms12 in reply to KiboXX

Haha! I'd like him to come a little sooner but I would like to avoid being induced to be honest as I'd like to labour at home as long as possible. Not long to go! What day are you due again ? X

KiboXX in reply to bms12

I don’t blame you, my only wish is for it to happen naturally if possible! Due 1st October, definitely feeling it now, this week I’ve slowed down massively and feel like I’ve developed a little waddle 😂 xx

bms12 in reply to KiboXX

Ahh so only 13 days between us. I'm the same. Struggling now 😪 I've definitely got a waddle Haha. I dread going to bed on a night time because it's the most frustrating time with back ache, restless leg and insomnia. I'm hoping for natural too, I basically live on my yoga ball now! Just holding out until 37 weeks so I can start using my oil diffuser with some clary sage, I'llbe walking sideways up and down the stairs and scrubbing my kitchen floor on my hands and knees 😂 theyve said I can have a sweep at 38 weeks as they know i really want to do everything possible for a natural labour and avoid inducing x

I’m so happy for you, what a lovely pic! Definitely a bitter sweet time, but how lovely that Benjamin’s little brother is almost here - I’m sure he will bring endless happiness with him xx

Lovely update. Benjamin would be so proud of his little brother. Congratulations and all the best for the last few weeks. Xxx

Such great news❤️ gives so much hope xx

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