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Warning - positive pregnancy update


I’ve had a quite a few lovely messages recently from people asking how my pregnancy is going so I wanted to write a quick update.

I’m now 22 weeks and have had five scans (being well looked after as I hit various “high risk” categories). Each scan has shown that baby is measuring the right size and developing normally as far as a scan can tell. We are finally starting to believe that we might actually have a baby in December.

Am under consultant led care so at least three more scans to look forward to, but now that I can feel baby wriggling around, I feel less dependant on the scans to reassure me all is well.

I won’t lie, I’m not enjoying pregnancy all that much. I’m still nauseous everyday but the actual vomiting has decreased to once a week, which is better. I can’t sleep and I have horrible varicose veins which I’m supposed to be wearing support stockings for, but then I overheat! So it’s either aching legs or copious sweating. Hubbie and I have found it tough as I don’t think I’ve been easy to live with due to feeling ill all the time and, after our last experiences, we are both over anxious about everything. But these are all small, temporary concerns which pale into insignificance compared to the amazing things going on inside my womb.

I know some people find reading pregnancy updates hard but I wanted to post as it always gave me hope to see people progressing towards their dreams. We were given a very small chance of success and a truly devastating diagnosis last July after a three year rollercoaster of trying, tests, failure and miscarriage (see previous posts). And a year on, it looks like our rainbow baby is going to actually happen. I’m glad I kept on trying and hoping.

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Really pleased to hear your positive update Lizzie, always encouraging to hear good news!! Hoping all continues and you can relax soon!xx


Happy for you! Over half way done! Congratulations xxx

Love this update Lizzie 💛😊 & I’m sure you will have your Christmas miracle 🌈🎄, made all the more magical for the tough times you’ve been through to get there xx

What a lovely post 😊💕 hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well xxxx

Great to hear that all is going well sorry that you have felt unwell though maybe when the hot weather passes you will feel a bit better hope so x

I do so wish it would cool down!

Hi Lizzie, thankyou for the update,what a lovely Christmas present. So pleased for you but sorry to hear that you've been having a tough time, this hot weather can't have helped!! Take Care and look forward to your updates xx

Such a positive post gives others lots of hope. I know you've had a awful time and it's hard to keep the faith that this will happen. Each day each milestone brings us closer to our babies. You've done so well hun. December can't come quick enough


You have been through so much that you deserve this to go well. Sending positive vibes your way

Oh Lizzie this made me 😢 I know we’ve been keeping in touch from time to time but it’s still such a lovely post. And thanks for the honesty re pregnancy side effects 😉 as us IVFers can feel we aren’t allowed to moan and have to be full of the joys of spring 😂😜. December will be here before you know it, and I for one on your behalf, cannot wait!!! xxx

It’s so true, it’s like we are not allowed to moan because of the journey we have been on to get pregnant! But it is hard!

I hear ya!! Feel free to PM me any time to offload 😘

Enjoy this time - wow you’re over half way, eek! x

I’m glad I’m not the only pregnant IVF person not enjoying pregnancy and I’ve also been telling people pregnancy sucks 😂 I’m still on meds for the nausea at 26 weeks and figure that’s probably it for the rest of the pregnancy now.....I’m lucky to not need consultant care though. As you say it’s only temporary and we’ll soon be meeting our little babies 😍 Like you I’ve found the movements reassuring all is well. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy x

Thank you. I’m lucky not to have needed meds but I’m so looking forward to actually enjoying eating again! Hopefully once baby is here I will be able to enjoy food again!


Awww thats lovely. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly Xx

Great news! All the best x

Brilliant post. Thank you for sharing xx

Ah I do love to see some positive news, wishing you all the luck, and hope you have a calm few more months xxx


Congrats Lizzie, really pleased to read this. You've been through so much to get here and I am so happy to hear you are 22 weeks. Fantastic. Sounds like you are being very well cared for and monitored with regular scans. Also amazing that you can feel the kicking already. I had an anterior placenta and could not feel kicking, so was constantly anxious waiting for scans and consultant appts or rare midwife appts.

Like you, I had shocking sickness (hospitalised with HG), and nausea which eased off week by week. You'll get better week by week and I hope you can start to feel well enough to enjoy being pregnant. I like you, found it hard to enjoy but look back and wished I had gone out more and enjoyed it more - but it's easier said than done isn't it. Totally normal how you are feeling. But you will relax more and more as the weeks go by.

Keep us updated. lovely to read your update and I am happy you have cooler weather now. xxx

Such a lovely update 😊 So pleased that all is finally going well for you xx

Glad to hear everything is going great xx

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