Excited and a worrier


Well ladies on our 4th IVF cycle. 1st fresh cycle got BFP and then nearly 1 week later started bleeding ending up having a miscarriage and still bleeding for weeks and weeks went back as worried and had awful pains one morning so went for a scan and had an ectopic, had emergency surgery and lost the tube and had the other tube sowed up so we wouldn't get another ectopic. Went onto having a frozen cycle and got Not Pregnant which was awful because we wondered What Happened?? Then went onto another frozen cycle and got BFP and then under a week started to bleed again and had a miscarriage. We had blood tests done and chromosome tests and all came back negative, which was good, that all took a couple of months so we had a break for then and started again a couple months later. We had another Fresh cycle and went to Blastocyst and we got a BFP it was amazing and also worrying when I went to the toilet, we have our scan Monday and we are now 7weeks and 2days and I am so excited to get to this point but worried because I feel no different, I've had sore nipples a few times but I'm on oestrogen and progesterone and think it could be that but I want to feel different and I don't. I'm a worrier anyway. Excited for Monday and just HOPE it's our time xxxx 

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  • I've got everything thing crossed for you. Best of luck I really hope it is your time too xx

  • Thankyou so much xx 

  • Fingers crossed that it's your time xx

  • Ah you poor love...you have been through it, you must be scared..I had a miscarriage in October and now awaiting 7 week scan so understand a little. This time for you sounds different...lots of rest and good vibes...look forward to hearing about scan...Everything crossed for you..lots of love xxx

  • I know exactly how you feel Kelly! I'm 10 weeks now and always on knicker watch and second guessing any little twinge or cramp. Wishing you all the luck for Monday 🍀 x

  • I really hope it is your time. Good luck for the scan.

  • Hope all goes well for you! Best of luck x

  • Hi, dear Kelly! I'm so terribly sorry for that you've already faced!! I'm not new to the process myself but our fertility journey seems to have been going more smoothly. Poor thing you are! This is so sad you've lost one of your tubes. This seems the whole work falls onto just one now. And it may be suppressive for it to cope with the task..

    At the same time I'm so happy you've get to this point. And I'm completely sure what you're feeling is due to the meds you're taking. I wish I could say there is nothing to worry about, but it's impossible. Your full story is so complicated that being in your shoes I'd definitely be the worrier like you. You have to find strength for Mon scan. I'll be praying for it to show everything's going well for you.

    This is so hard to go through all this. We're using de for ivf this time, shot#1. May God help us all, lovelies..

  • Please please let this be your time, wishing you all the luck in the world xx

  • Firstly congrats on your pregnancy, after your difficult journey I totally understand your worry. Try not to look at symptoms too much. Me and my cousin are both pregnant with a difference of 4 days. She has had zero symptoms, hardly any bump and basically looks and feels fine. Me on the other hand has had everything going from nausea, back ache, sore boobs etc, and I'm bloody massive! Everyone is different and so is every pregnancy. Wishing you all the best for your scan on Monday xxx

  • Hi Everyone, Thankyou for all your replies it means a lot to have your support X I know every pregnancy is different and I'm just enjoying the here and now really. Being calm and patient. I think I will always worry because that's my personality in a lot of things but I feel very lucky to get to here and keep thinking positive. Excited for tomorrow and keep hoping and praying it's our time 😀 Xx 

  • This has been a long hard road for you, you truly deserve your little miracle, feeling very excited for you xx everything crossed for you xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow xx

  • Thinking of you for tomorrow! x

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