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Hello! I'm soon 30 years old. In marriage more than a year. Pregnancy does not occur almost 2 years. The diagnosis is infertility. I'm just starting to take tests, I want to find out what the problem is. Doctors Already found so many things that it becomes scary. Girls, I just wrote to share this problem with you. Maybe someone that was like that. Are there any positive results as you live with this thought about the inability to have children. How do others feel about you? What does the husband say, how does he support you? I will be treated necessarily, although it is not easy. But I think that you need to try all the methods of treatment. Maybe I need to consult with different doctors. But in a pinch, we can use the service surrogate mother. I think we can not give up, because many women won this fight. Therefore, it will be wrong if I surrender.

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  • Hi, I read your post and I'm sorry that you ran into this trouble. I can not give you any medical advice, unfortunately. Contact a specialized clinic, they will find the reasons and if there is a possibility, they will help you! My friend could not get pregnant for 8 years, and now she is walking with the kids! Yes, you correctly noticed, you do not have to give up. Of course, you need to consult with different doctors, visit different clinics. And then you can decide how to proceed correctly. Of course, there are many positive stories. I can say that my friend initially thought that she would not have children. But then she was able to overcome her uncertainty and continued her struggle. She had unsuccessful cycles of IVF and she cried a lot after failures. Many times she wanted to stop all attempts to get pregnant. But then she kept coming back to these attempts. And in the end she had a boy, with normal weight. But they entered the program of surrogacy. Because it was necessary, because IVF did not give results.

  • You need to be intensively treated, of course, you need to know the cause of infertility before treatment. First you need to check your husband, if the question is about IVF, then you need to agree. In general, do everything in your power so that later, if it does not work out, do not blame yourself. I'm in a similar situation, but I'm older than you by 7 years, my husband supports me in everything. Good luck to you! You are only 30 years old, you have a chance. Because this forum has many stories, when women could get pregnant even after serious diagnoses. So do not give up and fight your problems.

  • Thank you for your support, we will try. But we live in a small city, so we have to travel to the capital of our country. And this is only the beginning. Soon the husband will go to the hospital in order to take the tests. But I, even without his analysis, have already discovered troubles ... There are, of course, miracles, I will believe in it. And with the last post about complexes and envy, I also agree. But first of all I want to be healthy myself, as far as possible, I need to be treated urgently. Maybe I faced this, in order to improve my health, and then already and try to become pregnant. About the people around you, you also wrote and calmed me. I will think only of my family. My husband treats with understanding to this situation (although this is only the beginning). Yes, I understand that finance is necessary for treatment. But we have our own business, so we can pay for the treatment. We even thought about going abroad and getting treatment there. It is very important to find a clinic with extensive experience in the treatment of infertility. Thank you, girls!

  • Hi zital, sorry for the problems that you are going through. It seems like you are already worrying about future possible problems without having all the test results back yet? This might be making you more stressed? You just need to take it one step at a time. Get all the test results back for you and your husband first, then find a clinic that you are comfortable with to talk through your options. You don't need to rush this, as you are still young in fertility terms. Discuss all the options and your worries with your husband, and I hope he will be supportive. Also take some time for yourself to relax - short break, massage, as getting stressed is not helpful for conceiving, and it might still happen naturally. Eat well, drink plenty of water, take folic acid and try not to stress x

  • I am sorry to the point that you are in this condition yet I appreciate that you shared your story. We are largely here like a family. Never at any point feel that you are separated from everyone else. Simply don't surrender ever. You can battle infertility now. There are numerous centers far and wide that give the best procedure to surrogacy. It's great to realize that you and your hubby settled on surrogacy. Ideally, if you look in the correct direction you might locate the best clinic with moderate costs. If you don't mind may I ask in which country do you reside? Have you done any homework on surrogacy?

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