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Hello to all the lovely, brave, wonderful ladies (and a few men) on this forum! A quick question for y'all:

So, I had my HSG today and was told that I have a hydrosalpinx (blockage) in the right tube. Left tube is fine though. It looks like there's also a submucosal fibroid in my womb, so they've scheduled an operation to remove it. The radiologist said that having one blocked tube did not necessarily lower chances of conception by 50% - as you would expect - but by around 25%. Has anyone else who's had similar problems got advice/stories? I'd liked to be as informed as possible moving forward.

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Hi Tomorrow_1 A hydrosalpinx can sometimes be a problem, as there is a natural lubrication in your Fallopian tubes, to allow the sperm to swim and an egg to travel down. Any excess fluid drains out through the open end (fimbria), but in the case of it being blocked, there is only one way for any extra fluid to go - through the womb end. it is believed that this excess fluid can sometimes prevent implantation of a developing embryo. For this reason some specialists believe in removing the tube or clipping it to prevent this happening. Something to discuss before you go to have your fibroid removed. Obviously having only one functional tube will reduce chances of natural conception, but should you need to have IVF, remember both ovaries are still used for egg collection. Hope all goes well with the op when done, and of course I wish you success in getting pregnant. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks for the advice, Diane. The operation for my fibroid has already been scheduled, so I'm not sure how/when I would have the opportunity to discuss possible tubal clipping/removal beforehand. Can you just call the gynaecology clinic in circumstances like this (to schedule a consultation, that is)?


Hi Tomorrow_1. You can always try. Sometimes a telephone appointment can be made. Good luck! Diane


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