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3 days till otd and stressing

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I’m currently 9dp5dt, and the wait till Thursday when I can test is excruciating. I’m so scared it hasn’t worked and I’m worried how much it’s going to affect me. (I know there are a lot of ladies on here who have had sad news and I am so sorry for this! I guess I just need to let all my worries out)

I’ve done so well this cycle with losing weight since the summer when my last cycle was cancelled. I’ve done meditation and acupuncture and really worked on my anxiety to the point that, apart from one little wobble during stimms, I’ve been so wonderfully positive.

Yesterday and today, I’ve started to feel the anxiety inching back in and I can’t get out of it.

I’ve had a few cramps and that’s been it and my breasts have been painful the last few weeks but aren’t so much anymore. I know you shouldn’t symptom spot as it could just be the cyclogest pessaries. Argh, why can’t it be Thursday already to put me out of my misery!?

Sorry, this is a pretty pointless post and I don’t like moaning, I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself I guess ☺️

Thank you for reading my ramblings!


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Hi there, I know exactly how you feel mine is Thursday to. I'm so scared to, the urge to test early is kicking in, I got my partner to hide my pregnancy test so I can't! Lol. Ive found this whole experience great at the start think it's Cos it took so long to get here I couldn't wait to start but my lord this is the worst bit, people always said the 2ww is the worst and now I see why! The only things I've had a couple of days after egg transfer I got period pains which I'm hoping was implantation, my breast were mega big and sore at first but they've gone down but after that I got this really weird tenderness just above my pubic bone it felt like it was a dragging/pulling feeling, what these passeries do to your body I don't know but I'm losing my head! But since Sunday I've had period pains again! So I feel like its game over. But you sound promising just Cos lack of symptoms doesn't mean it isn't going to be... people who conceive naturally don't even know about this part and they only find out when they miss there period.

But all you need to know is you done all you can, it sounds like you've really put your all into it and there's nothing more you could of done. Your certainly not alone with your feelings. Come on girl power 2 days left we can do it!

Wishing you the best of luck 👼🏼💕 xxx

Thank you so so so much for that! Really, it’s just what I needed. 💕

I had a horrible night sleep thinking about it all (and also worrying about how I’m going to get around for work in next few days due to the snow - I’m a carer so really need my car but at the moment, it’s completely stuck) I haven’t been like this at all for the last few months and I really hate the feelings anxiety gives me, so really need to snap out of this soon ☺️ and I’m getting there slowly now ☺️

The 2ww is definitely the hardest part of all. And of course we can do this! We’ve got through so much to get to this point, a few more days won’t hurt us will they!

Don’t give up hope when you’re having period like pains, some people get cramps the whole way through their 2ww, and then get their bfp! Good god, it’s such a rollercoaster ☺️

Huge amounts of luck to you too honey. We can do this and get through these last few days!!!!!! We can stay strong 💕


Ah bless you! It certainly helps to talk 💗

I know how you feel I've been awake since 5.30 this morning 😂 literally just been playing games on my phone😂 god it's going to hit me later at work.

Oh no... no snow here for us but i hope you don't miss out on to much money but maybe get out there and enjoy it? Build a snowman ⛄️ put on a film and cosey up on the sofa. Do shit loads of baking. Wrap up Christmas presents. See it as a postitive your little embies on board just think if were meant to have transfer day today or egg collection and trying to trek it in the snow? Your little one is tucked up nice and safe 😊

We all over think aswell it's only natural, you are defo stronge enough you proved that getting this far!

I hope so, I'm on knicker watch at the mo! but I just feel like it hasn't worked l, just a gut feeling. But hey what will be will be I'll deal with it when the time comes, probably not very well but I'll deal with it.

Haha that's the fighting talk 🙅🏼🤞sending baby dust all the way, best of luck xxx

I’m sending you all the positive thoughts and luck for you for Thursday too honey. We can do it! Xx

Not too long to go now! You're doing great to get to this point and not testing. Hang in there, hope its good news!xx

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ChloBo84 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you so much. I’m pretty impressed with the will power, especially when I have 2 cheapies in the bathroom cupboard waiting to me to test on ☺️

2 days to go, that’s all. I’ve got this far, what’s 2 more days hey ☺️😩 haha


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Cinderella5 in reply to ChloBo84

Longest wait ever isnt it and yes your will power is fabulous....I'd have defo caved by now! Ha ha ha xx

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ChloBo84 in reply to Cinderella5

Haha. I think it’s a bit of a mixture of will powers between myself and hubby to be fair. He’s very much a stickler for the rules 😂 bless him xx

You have been the one person who has kept me sane! You are so positive and an inspiration to speak to, keep up the positivity and this will be ours ❤️❤️❤️ your almost there now hun, keep your chin up xx

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ChloBo84 in reply to Laureu

Thank you so much Laura ☺️ positivity is coming back now ☺️ not long to go for either of us! Xxx

your doing fabulous! i shall be thinking of you on Thursday hoping its good news! sending hugs and positive vibes your way. Xx

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ChloBo84 in reply to

Thank you so much honey ☺️ xx

Hang on in there. It’s really hard and you’re doing really well. Xx

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