Egg Fertilised but not divided on Day 2

I have had one egg retrieved on Friday, phone call yesterday confirmed that it fertilised. I had another phone call today to say bad news it has not divided as they would of hoped and is fragmented. I have been told that they will phone again tomorrow to see if there is any development and let me know if they will go ahead with transfer. Has anybody experienced this but then went on to transfer? I am heartbroken 😔 Xx

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  • I am sorry to hear this . I have never had this happen. I know how awful waiting for the phone call is . I pray you get some better news tomorrow x x x

  • Thank you, I just can’t think of anything else. I’m just hanging for a little bit of hope but I know deep down it’s not gonna have worked xx

  • Sorry to hear this Donna! I cant help with the advice but didnt want to read and run. Sending hugs xx

  • Thank you for your nice comments, I have received a phone call today and they have finally divided but only to 4 cell, they are going to transfer this afternoon xx

  • Oh that's good news that they have moved on. Good luck for transfer xx

  • Hi Donna, i had four collected and two fertilised... But both didnt divide when i had the call also, they said they would give them until the end of the day.. The next phone call one had split, we went for transfer the next day, both had split by this point, one only at three cells and the other at two cells, the two cell one was fragmented too... They said the chances of it being successful are slim but because there is still a chance they still went ahead with transfer... Im in the 2WW not, OTD on saturday 16th.. Best of luck xx

  • Transfer done 😬 OTD 22/12 - good luck with your test day xx

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