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Egg transfer on Day 3

Hi Ladies. I had egg collection yesterday. 9 eggs were collected and 4 fertilised. They have booked me to do ET Monday morning which is Day 3. Apparently the criteria in this clinic is if there are only 4 or less eggs fertilised they don't let them go to blastocyst. So I won't get a call tomorrow to let me know how they are doing? I am just wondering is there a possibility I will go to the clinic on Monday and there will be none to transfer. I am very confused and obviously the clinic is now shut for the weekend. I was given no indication that would happen but I was surprised today when she explained their criteria re blastocyst.

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I've not heard of that one before, but all clinics are different.

We got 4 fertilised out of 10 injected with icsi and they called us on day 3 to say that all are progressing well and they would like to continue to day 5 for blastocyst. They explained they weren't checked on day 4 and gave us a time to attend on day 5.

When we went to the clinic that day, we were called in by the nurse and walked into the transfer room, so I made some joke about it must be good news then if we are in this room?!...I had in my head we would be told how things had gone before going into the room...

Some clinics don't encourage 2 being transferred, but a disclaimer can sometimes be signed...if you would prefer to get to blastocyst, it might be worth enquiring if they do a similar process?



I've only had ET at day 3. Our clinic said that they'd try letting the 3rd embryo going to 5 days on our 1st round of ICSI but it didn't survive. Like Hollibob says different clinics have different criteria for ET.

Fingers crossed that there'll be ok over the weekend.

Good luck for Monday.


Hey. I don't think this us correct. I was always day five transfer but they always let ts know what was happening with our embryos. I would phone emergancy nurse at clinic. Yours should have one. ️Xx good luck. ️Xx


Thanks for all your comments. Really appreciated. There is Only an emergency Doctor on call so I have to wait until Monday. But I will be discussing this at my appointment on Monday as I was taken aback today. It's my 3 rd round but with a different clinic this time. So was just not aware of this policy. I am 43 so I really need this to work!!! But for the moment I will just have to trust them x


My clinic does day 3 as standard for anyone with less than 4 embryos. Because embryos grow better in a natural environment! So if it looks perfect on day 3, they don't want to risk it slowing down or stopping, when it would otherwise thrive. The round I only had 1 egg, I had transferred on day 2. It worked!

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Hi, I had a day 5 embryo transferred yesterday. We're at a different clinic this time and they didn't update us once they'd let us know how many had fertilised until we were in the room for transfer. I found it odd as the last clinic called us several times with updates. They also said theyll let us know if any have made it to freezing stage by letter-letter!! I was really surprised..does seem like every clinic has their own way of doing things.

I'd take it that if they don't contact you before Mon you defo have at least 1, they work weekends and wouldn't let you go if there wasn't.. That would b very cruel!


My wife had a day 3 transfer a few days ago. If they have only 4 eggs, some clinics wont risk waiting for them to go to Day 5, the ones put back into my wife on day 3 were progressing normally but when only a few of them, the clinic doesn't risk waiting till day 5 for transfer.

We were told this on day 1 when they had the number that fertilized, if none had made it to day 3, they would have called before we came up to the clinic.

Try not to worry!

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Thanks everyone for your comments over the weekend , which was so long! We had 3 transferred this morning on Day 3 so you can imagine the joy and the worry we are now experiencing!!! Best of luck to everyone too xxxx


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