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Hello All, I’m new to all this, but looking for comments and experiences. We have had 13 failed cycles, 7no with own eggs and sperm, changed clinic then had 2no donor embryo cycles then tested MTHFR so high dose folic acid and vit B along with aspirin.. then had 2no ERA tests which showed endometrium was receptive at 144 hours +/-3hrs from start of progesterone. 3rd donor cycle BFN then 4th adding celexane added to protocol. BFN (due to clinics mistake) 5th donor embryo transfer BFN... I’ve also had endometrial scratches each time and histopery and cervix was all good... other than standing on my head I don’t know what else we can do.? Any suggestions are welcome

Thanks 👩🏻‍💻

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Hi Dreamydoran. I am so sorry to read your post. It must be very difficult for you going through all these rounds. Have you tried different clinics? Some do things differently than others.

Sorry to hear how much you have gone through. What is the reason/diagnosis for your infertility?xx

Hi, the original reason was my husband due to operation when he was a baby.. I’m healthy and 41.. first clinic just kept going and nothing changed.. no tests but the second one does.. just wish I had a magic wand.. my endrometrium is heathy and receptive.. so just don’t get it.. although I have a boggle that I’m rejecting for what ever reason..

I don’t know as I’m healthy and the fact we are using donor embryo (always 2 at a time) man it’s so frustrating

What about nk cell testing? Or treatment with prednisolone? And intralipids? My clinic is giving me prednisolone for next cycle to dampen any immune responses. I worry too that I attack my embryos... just because I’ve had 3 chemicals in 4 months I worry the moment it tries to implant I attack it. Hopefully the prednisolone will help when I finally get the transfer again in spring. Xx

HeyOrla, I’ve asked about nk cells and my dr said we all have them as it’s our immune system.. and wasn’t a fan!! However, I have been reading up on prednisone and responses look good when combined with celexane and aspirin.. will be really interested to see how you get on and wish you every success xx

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I need to know what is nk cells

Hello, sorry you are going through this. In my successful cycle I used aspirin, prednsolone and heparin. I really hope you will have your Bfp soon xx

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Marta, congratulations.. hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy 🤰 thanks for info.. was that the first time you had that combination?

Are you using donor eggs or donor sperm? Has the non-donor had karotype testing done?

Hi Dreamydoran

Yes it was the first time. I also used a combination of Gonal f and menopur. I was given less than 5% chances given my very low amh. I insisted in using my own eggs and it worked. I feel incredibly lucky and wish you the same xx

So frustrating isnt it?! I havent had as many failed cycles and still Im beginning to wondering what the heck is wrong with me stupid body! We have transferred 3 times now with decent blastocysts (5 in total). Two cycles with my own but moved to donor eggs to give ourselves a better chance (just turned 40). We transferred two fabulous top quality hatching blastocysts with a good receptive triple lining and still nothing. Ive never had a positive pregnancy test and as far as I know nothing wrong with me as such (apart from my age and hubby has a v.low sperm count). However I have had 2 diffcult transfers and my clinic wants to dilate my cervix (apparently a your uterus can go into shock and reject the embryos if transfer is uncomfortable) and do a hysteroscopy along with some other tests and perhaps a light D & C in January whilst Im asleep. We have discussed NK cell testing along with looking for hidden infections so will see what they come up with! Their thinking is that there is no reason I sholuldnt have responded and gotten some kind of pregnancy by now. Im aware its a numbers game but its frustrating as you say keeping putting embryos back with nothing in return.

Hope you get some answers, has your clinic suggested anything else they would like to try? I see below that you consultant isnt a fan of NK cells but would they be willing to put you on a low dose steriod just to try to see if it helps?xx

Hi Cinders, we have a telephone consultation on Tuesday.. so we will see what they have to say! It’s hard with the language barrier also.. as we are using donor embryos.. I think we will speak to our doctor here (not easy living on an island) and see what he also suggests.. but I do keep thinking I’m rejecting as apart from being 41 I’m healthy! And I’ve had checks on thyroid, sticky blood, Hysteroscopy came back clear, had ERA so I’m receptive.. I’ve done diets, hypnosis, acupuncture you name it.... surely were due a break eh?

I know, does get you down a bit but sometimes I feel like this is just a lottery and sometimes you get lucky! We need to hope for some luck!!xx

Hey Cinders, hopefully 2018 will be our year and we will be celebrating soon.. keep in touch x


Wow strong lady.... and wish you luck however I note that some of the ladies on here have mentioned presdonilne this is what my clinic said:

The use of steroids is debatable. In our field, huge studies take place and as more data gets added on, the guidelines change and shift either to using or not using specific medications. At the present time, the current guidelines are that the use of steroids is not something advisable. In any case, the use of steroids in only for recurrent miscarriages and not for failed implantation. You also need to remember that steroids cross the placenta and can therefore cause facial malformations in a child

It’s funny how each clinic is different I may still try tonight my corner with this.

However I wish you the utmost luck if you choose to do any more cycles xx

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Hi Tamtam, I at the point I’m not going to let this beat me.. I guess that’s my stubborn side. But I’m fully aware that this is also a very lucrative business.. hence I like to keep some control and look into what ever is suggested and sometimes ask there opinion on stuff I read up... I’ve told myself I won’t get into dept and ehen my body and mind say enough my husband had to except it that’s are deal.. but I do think that I’m rejecting each time.. it’s a niggling feeling and I think your gut feelings often prove to be right!

I hope that everything goes well for you in future try’s and hopefully the next one will be the one 😀

I have not had as many failed cycles as yourself but I had one failed fresh and one failed fet plus miscarriage. I was treated for high NK cells and was given prednisalone, intralipids and clexane. I know some aren’t completely convinced but it worked for me and my little girl is now 8 months. We are starting another fresh cycle in January and I will be using the same treatment. It might be worth researching xxxx

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