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Due to start IVF and abnormal smear ☹

Hey everyone,

I'm due to start IVF for the first time in January and I've just started microgynon ready for this and then this morning I've had a letter for abnormal smear results. (Severe dyskaryosis) What do you think the chances of them cancelling the IVF is going to be? Anyone else been this unlucky? And what was your outcome?

Thank you xxx

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I'm so sorry read this. I had the same whilst going through the referral stages and had to have treatment first and then when we got to the clinic 6 months later they wanted to know that my smear was back to normal.

I was contacted quite quickly to go in and have the abnormal cells removed. It does take 6-8 weeks to heel though.

I would contact your clinic and update them and also try and get booked in asap for the colposcopy.

Here if you want to talk xx


Thank you! It just helps knowing I'm not alone. We have been dealt some really bad cards through our journey and sometimes you feel that it only happens to you. I have a colposcopy on the 4th Dec and I will phone the fertility clinic on Monday xx


Hi jkT90. So sorry to hear this, but you’re doing the right thing going ahead with the colposcopy to nip it in the bud. Yes, it will delay things, but you are most important, and need to be good to go, before going ahead with your cycle of treatment. Can’t risk it worsening. Once sorted you WILL be able to continue. Good luck for the 4th and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

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